Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Go Canada!

I know you doubted. I got a bit worried myself. But now, in this last leg of the Olympics, the best of Canada are showing up and showing off their athleticism. We're getting multiple medals a day, and though we won't ever have as much metal as China or the U.S., we're holding our own and our athletes are representing us well on the international stage.

I am officially a bonafide Olympic junkie now. When I get up in the morning, the TV goes on to the Canadian Olympics channel (CBC) until the coverage stops for the afternoon. Then, at 4:00 pm, my TV switches back to the channel as coverage begins again. I find myself loudly cheering for the athletes representing the true north strong and free, and I also find myself secretly jinxing those who are competing against our sportsmen.

Shameful, non? What can I say? I'm not fanatical about football. I don't get all nuts over hockey. I don't even follow basketball or baseball. Indulge me my one couch potato moment every 4 years, won't you?


Natalie said...

Did you check out Alex Despati (sp?) in the 3m springboard. He put on a great show! I heart the Olympics

Mrs. Loquacious said...

I watched that live on TV, and it was intense!! I kept trying to jinx out the Chinese diver...and it really did come down to Alex's last dive (he didn't do as well on his fifth one).

And I know..you're like the ultimate Olympics junkie. :) My fanaticism pales in comparison to yours, I think! ;)