Thursday, July 03, 2008

This Guy PWNed That Chick Who Kissed A Girl!

I'm not usually one to link YouTube vids on here, but this is just great. :) So you know, there's this song that is currently on the Top 20 somewhere about some girl who kissed some other girl for experimentation purposes. To me, it is hugely offensive to make light of the topic of homosexuality by singing about it as though it were some sort of juvenile game for the bi-curious or bored hetero girls; the lyrics, the video, the entire thing just rubs me the wrong way. I'm sure many GLBT do not feel as offended by the song as I do, but then again, maybe some of them do.

Anyway, along comes this Canadian teenager who posts a negative YouTube review about the video and the song. Whether one agrees or not, the kid is entitled to his opinion, right? Apparently Katy Perry didn't think so, and neither did her legions of fanatical followers. She sic'ed them on him and the next thing you know, the guy was getting all sorts of different "hate comments" on his account.

He ended up having to respond to the comments in a separate YouTube video. The kid is pretty amusing, whether you agree with him or not. I like the way he handled the criticism (much better than Katy Perry did, BTW) and felt he totally owned her (and her crazy fans) in this:

If you're wondering what the original review said, click here to see it.


tejanamama said...

how old is this kid? Shhhhhhhh dont say i said, but he's SUCH a cutie!!! :) lol *blush* i bet he's half my age! lol