Monday, July 07, 2008

Since School Ended....

...I have had the best time ever. :)

I saw Wall-E on opening night. It was probably my favourite animated movie OF ALL TIME. It was funny, sweet, poignant, and it made a very loud-but-not-judgmental social statement. There were moments of humour, suspense, and romance. The animation was beyond brilliant, and the movie (though it was over an hour and a half in length) seemed to fly by way too quickly. I was engrossed in the story, and left the theatre feeling very satisfied and also quite thoughtful. Hubbs loved it too; we'll both be buying the DVD when it comes out. :)

Then there were the fire-pit nights and dinners with friends and mornings sleeping in. There has
been the reading, the bubble baths, and the freedom of not having to think about my next set of lesson plans or marking a stack of student work.

And then there was George. Even at age 45, with a slight ponch and a less chiseled face than when his Older album came out, the man was a legend on the stage. His voice made me melt, his energy was contagious and made me want to dance, and he invested 110% into his performance, making it the best concert I've ever attended. At one point, I'm pretty sure there was not one arse on a seat during the second set; everyone was grooving and singing along, which I am told is an unusual sight for GM Place (and an especially unusual sight given that the average age of concert-goers was probably 35-40).

Next on the agenda: Montreal and New York City, two places I've wanted to go to, but have not yet had the opportunity to visit, until now. Best of all, I am traveling with Hubbs, and also with a seasoned Quebecois bro-in-law, which means I will get to experience the best that Montreal has to offer, from an insider's perspective.

And towards the end of the summer, I believe I will be getting that new car that I've been drooling over for the past 12 months. The Honda Accord EX-L V6 is as good as mine, thanks to my generous Hubbs. :)

The fall will bring great new adventures, especially for my sis Vanilla C and her soon-to-be-hubby Benjee. I can't wait to walk down the aisle with Hubbs again, as Matron of Honour and Best Man this time. I will even get to give a toast, though I'm not yet sure how I am going to make this a poignant, short, and entertaining speech for her crowd of 300. I am leaning more towards long and boring, with a few lame jokes squeezed in, but hopefully with time the speech will become well-polished ;)

Most people hope to have a great summer, but I am pretty sure that every year for the past few years, my summers have successively been the "best ever," yet. This year will be no exception. This is going to be one kick-ass summer. I can hardly wait!


tejanamama said...

you deserve it lady! no idea about the car but i'll look it up when i have time. I cannot wait to take len to see that movie! Looks cute!

When are you in NY loser? hate you! lol With more notice i bet dh would have loved to have gone up to see "you" (and get a trip home out of it! lol)

tejanamama said...
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Vanilla said...

Hmmm, I watched Wall-E this weekend and I think you over hyped it for me! I actually fell asleep in the movie! I think the middle of the movie was a bit slow for me, so BEW had to keep nudging me awake!

Curlz said...

Life sounds full and wonderful for you, and there is no doubt in my mind that you will be anything less than charming and witty when you give your wedding well wishes.
If I may be so presumptuous ~ Curlz

Natalie said...

I really want to see Wall-e but i keep getting mad that he looks so much like Johnny 5

Mrs. Loquacious said...

Tejanamama - NYC from July 21-24, we're going to hit up a Broadway show and eat some damn pretzels ;)

VanCon - I cannot believe you fell asleep. That movie was SOOO sweet. But then again, you fall asleep at a lot of're practically narcoleptic! :P

Curlz - Thanks for the encouragement! :) I think I'm funnier when I stop trying, but when you have to write a speech it is hard *not* to try...and then it backfires horrendously. Murphy's Law, I believe.

Natalie - He does look a LOT like can almost think of him as Johnny-6...hehehe...but his personality is way more developed and after a while you start feeling for him and then it won't matter anymore that he was a conceptual rip-off of an earlier character.