Monday, July 14, 2008

High and Low

I have literally searched every shoe store in town for these:
I finally found them (on sale!!) at Southgate Mall, at the R & R shop that I almost never shop at (since I'm not rugged and I don't camp, and they sort of cater to that purchasing demographic). These are the comfiest, semi-fashionable, orthopedic sandals I have ever slipped my feet into, and the velcro strap at the back allows me to walk on my entire foot without shifting the weight in a weird way (which I do whenever I wear flip-flops). This means no more shin splints, plus I can still wear these with most of my summer clothes!

I am very excited for my new shoes (see what I mean?) to be broken in when we go on vacation in a couple of days. :)


tejanamama said...

those are cute. what brand? with my feet stuff with too much on top doesn't work for me (after my toe break 2 years ago..NOTHING fits right! wwaaaaah). i gotta many shoes DO you have? You seem to be aquiring them often. STOP TAKING TRIPS or you'll hvae to start purging again after all your new purchases! ;) LOL have fun and use the camera for lots of great pics! cannot wait to see. When do you guys leave again?

Mrs. Loquacious said...

The shoes are Merrell Savannah style. :) They fit pretty good for my wide flat feet!

I think I own 20 pairs? :) I purge them as I get new ones!

We leave Thurs. and for sure there will be pics upon my return! Start posting again woman! :P

Anonymous said...

These are the EXACT same shoes I have except that mine are green.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Might you give the address for the Southgate Mall R & R shop (or their phone number). I'd love to get a pair! Thanks!!! Jacqueline

Mrs. Loquacious said...

Jacqueline - they're in Edmonton, AB at Southgate Centre (111 St. & 51 Ave.). Phone 780-434-3828. Good luck on your sandal search! :) Apparently they have a similar (but newer) style that my sis Jo just bought, and she says they are just as comfortable. :)

Mrs. Loquacious said...

Sorry- by "they" I mean Merrell. Merrell's new style that my sis loves is the Fusion Land Sandal - Agave. Mine are the Fusion Land Sandals - Savannah.