Sunday, June 29, 2008

If The Shoe Fits.... might want to buy it. If the shoe fits and is lightweight and comfortable for cardio exercise, and corrects the slight overpronation of your flat Asian feet, then no matter the cost you buy it.

I obviously took my own advice, and bought these for working out:
Nice, eh? I wore them on my last day of school, and they felt beyond comfortable while I was busy climbing and cleaning and moving and packing up my stuff.

While I was at the store, I managed to convince Hubbs to replace his old ratty sneakers with these new "Darth Maul" shoes (as I affectionately call them):

He looks really cute in his shoes...even though they look sort of evil.


tejanamama said...

Yours are cute but I'm not feeling Darth's. Blech!!! and i LOVE red! You are ready to burn rubber now, huh? I need some new ones but I'll make do stinking up the ones I have for now! :)

Mrs. Loquacious said...

Good shoes are good motivators to get on the cardio machines, IMHO.

And I like his crazy red shoes just because they are so ostentatious (which I believe was his intention).

tejanamama said...

you mean YOUR intention! lol! You said you convinced him!!!!

the shoes don't inspire me to hop on the treadmill. Strangely, i just look in the MIRROR and that has me hightailing it out the door! ;) LMFAO.

Mrs. Loquacious said...

I convinced him to buy new shoes...he picked them and I affirmed his decision :P

I am avoiding the mirror for the next couple of least until there is some measure of progress! ;)

Justice~! said...

Yeah, Mrs L convinced me to get shoes - but the choice is all mine. You simply aren't feeling 'em because you haven't seen me in 'em!

Anonymous said...

Sorry j! very unlikely that that would change my mind. I like tame sneaks (think greys, whites, with blue or black accents) that match everything. These scream "Cant be worn with everything" which would annoy the hell outta me :) I like to get my milage out of sneaks!!! I buy them so rarely they have to live long lives! :) The ones i have now are black with grey accent and a TINY HINT of pink. VERY impractical for me but they were on sale and i needed I had to get them :) Price beats out style EVERY time for me! lol (sorry wasnt logged in!--its moi)

Mrs. Loquacious said...

Actually, these shoes match a lot of Hubbs' stuff, surprisingly. He wears a lot of black track pants to the gym, and his tops are usually white or red or some equally neutral shade (except for his green top - makes it really Christmas-y). He never wears the shoes out, either; he has hikers for that.

Me, on the other hand...I like my sneakers so much that even though I'm a fashion disaster when I wear them to the mall, I do it anyway. To hell with being a fashionista! Comfy shoes are the new black! ;)