Friday, June 06, 2008

How Not to Sell Meat at the Deli Counter

I fell in love with the Sobey's Urban Fare grocery store that opened up near my home recently. Today, I popped in to pick up some groceries, and decided to try out the smoked duck prosciutto from their deli.

Me: Hi! Excuse me...I'd like to get 100 grams of smoked duck prosciutto,

Deli Girl: (points at the lone piece of duck prosciutto inside the deli counter) This one?

Me: Yes.

Deli Girl: (mumbles) This is expensive, you know.

Me: Um....excuse me?

Deli Girl: (loudly) This stuff is really expensive.

Me: Oh! Yes, I know.

So what was her point? Was she afraid I was illiterate and couldn't read the price tag protruding from the piece of duck breast inside her display counter? Was she concerned that I would make her slice all 100 grams and then change my mind? Much as I love this new grocery store, methinks their trainers need to give their workers a lesson in sales. If you announce that your food is expensive, somehow I doubt that will increase your sales.

Incidentally, the sliced meat wasn't cheap, but it wasn't bank-breaking, either. And it tastes amazing and was worth the cost anyway.