Thursday, May 08, 2008


Hubbs is going to a summit in Toronto, courtesy of Microsoft, and therefore I am tagging along (as all part-time employed wives do when they suffer from separation anxiety). :)

We'll actually be spending most of our time in Mississauga, which I think is close to TO (but I can't be entirely sure, since my knowledge of ON geography is pretty sad). While
Hubbs is networking and learning more about stuff that I know nothing about, I will be shopping the cool stores and malls and enjoying some R & R at the Sheraton during the 3 nights and 3.5 days that we're there.

I'm excited since I haven't been that far east yet, but at the same time I refuse to get my hopes up about the city, since few cities that I've visited (including Anaheim) have lived up to the standard of the best city in Canada - Vancouver! I find that after a while any other city's novelty wears off and at the end of the day, it's still just a city.

That said, I'm still happy to be able to visit a new city and to take a much needed break from the chaos. When it comes to the travel bug, it's once bitten, twice a year that one must travel. ;) For me, anyway ;)