Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Ramblings of an Airporter, or Flying and Finance

So Hubbs and I are presently sitting in the boarding area, awaiting the boarding of our flight to TO. Strangely enough, there are very few people around us. We arrived slightly ahead of the boarding time, so we weren’t expecting major crowds. However, right now I think we are one of 8 people who are waiting for this flight.

Is it that 6:20 in the evening is a poor time to be flying? Could it be that our destination is 2 hours ahead, which means we would be landing at 11:55 at night as opposed to 9:55?

Frankly, I am hoping for an empty flight. The emptier the better, in fact. Hubbs and I love each other, but would prefer a seat between us while we’re traveling. I tend to end up in the middle seat whenever we travel together, and I am very aversive to the elbows and knees of strangers making contact with me. Hubbs, with his own strange issues with flying, prefers the window seat, so I usually have to make one of two choices: sit in the middle seat and be beside him, or sit in my favoured aisle seat and risk having a stranger be stuck between us.

Hubbs is busy typing on his laptop right now, and so the epitome of geekdom might be a picture of the two of us, seated side by side in the airport, both on our respective computers.

While we were waiting in line to clear security, Hubbs had turned to me and suggested that henceforth, we should fly in business class. I believe my first reaction was to laugh. The second, which followed immediately after, was to point out reality to my dear hubby: we’re not made of money and business class costs nearly double (in some cases, more) than economy class.

It does seem, however, that flight prices are on the rise…again. I read somewhere today that certain airlines to the south of us are going to start charging $15/checked bag. Say what?! Must be the rising fuel costs, although if you think about it, if airlines jack up their prices in response to increasing gas prices, won’t that simply cause fewer people to travel by flight, or to travel, period? If fewer folks travel, then many centers that rely on tourism as a source of profit would lose money, and those centers would end up downsizing in many of their service industries, leading to lay offs. That would prevent even more people from being able to afford the luxury of a flight, and the vicious cycle would contribute to the recession that has already begun in the U.S.

Bottom line: screw rising prices. Keep spending, people. I’m no economist, but if everyone kept spending, the flow of currency in society would at the very least reduce the impact of a recessive economy. It might even cause a reversal in the process, and lead the economy to an upturn.

That seems to make sense to me. Does that make sense to you? In any case, we’re heading to TO, and I do plan to spend some cashola while I’m there. Nothing extravagant, but consider it my contribution to a healthy economy ;)

(Written Wednesday)


Natalie said...

If gas continues to rise too much here about half of the airplanes in service will be grounded because it will be too expensive to fly them. All industry will suffer incredibly. Economic stimulus works to a certain extent, which is why Mr. Bush gave everyone $600. Not that it will really help because most people need it to pay for debt, food, or gas and won't stimulate the economy too much.

tejanamama said...

That is how we "solved" the issues during 9-11!! Bush subscribes to the same philosophy! Don't worry, we'll handle it, you guys just SPEND SPEND SPEND like goooood americans. See how much better off we are now??? That guy is a freeking genious! Ignore the other issues influencing the economy!! Go into more debt to China by giving away cash so that Americans can SPEND MORE! WOOHOO!!! Can I get off this ride yet? I've been feeling nauseated now for about 8 years!!!