Monday, May 19, 2008

Eye Wish

This has not been a very healthy season for us. First it was my pink eye, then it was asthma and acid reflux, then eczema, and now Hubbs has contracted my bad luck and developed his own eye allergies.

Is there excess pollenation happening this spring?! Was there an abundance of leftover snow mould from the spring thaw?! Why are our bodies going haywire?!?

Though I've now recovered, in most part, from my ailments, I am still dealing with weird eye symptoms that are particularly bad during the evenings. Dry eye, perhaps. Or allergies. Or eye fatigue. I'm not sure which of these it is anymore. But for Hubbs, his suffering has (unfortunately) only begun. The poor guy is sneezing, running at the schnoz, and his eyes are itchy and red and teary. I wish he could be spared the ugliness of spring allergies. I wish both of us had good, symptom-free eyes and healthy bodies.

If only I had decided to go into Med instead of education! :( For someone as seemingly frail as I am, I should really surround myself with doctors who can diagnose me and prescribe me something on a near - weekly basis.

I hope Toronto doesn't trigger something worse for Hubbs and I! Yikers.


tejanamama said...

it is worse here too and we didnt' get snow!!!! THE WORLD IS GOING HAYWIRE!!!!! or hayfever (ouch). i have the worst allergies in my life over the past year or so....mine aren't just seasonal...or rather there are new ones EVERY SINGLE SEASON and its irritating the heck outta me!!!! who knew in a place this brown that there would be so much BLOOM?? I cant even see it!! :( sorry you are in the allergy club! J too!! :( When are you going to toronto? I thought that trip had come and gone? That is right across the river from Buffalo where dh attended college before moving to IN ;)

Mrs. Loquacious said...

Yes, I agree. The world, with all its natural disasters and strange weather, is likely coming to an end! ;)

Certainly my good health has come to an end. And you're's always slightly variant forms of the allergy so you can never really conquer it. We are unfortunately part of the club in some form.

We leave for TO on Wed.

You and I need to talk. I'm heading to New York, too! So much to catch up on!!!! :P