Monday, May 19, 2008

Canoe-ing - or The Finer Side of Life

Since we are heading to YYZ, Hubbs and I figured that we should go out for at least one nice meal. His schedule, however, is pretty limited, since he is gone literally all day Thursday and until almost 7:00 pm on Friday.

I had the privilege of choosing where we would be dining. After much internet searching and
deliberation, I chose Canoe. This is a posh restaurant located inside the TD Tower on the 54th floor of the building. Though it's not as high as the revolving CN Tower restaurant, this place offers some pretty stunning views of the city and/or the lake near the tower. Canoe has also been rated the top restaurant in TO by my favourite review site - Tripadvisor ;)

I must confess that selecting this place was a little indulgent, even for me. The entrees start at about $40, and the apps start at $17. We may even end up going the route of the tasting menu, simply because it will allow us to try more goods for about the same cost.

Canoe, so I've read, attempts to serve up good ol' Canadian meats and produce. They also try to pair up your delicious fare with appropriate vino.

I'll be likely writing up a review on this once we go. I cannot wait! The only times that Hubbs and I have done the tasting menu thing have been on our engagement night (at Lumiere in Van) and at Tojo's (also in Van). We rarely go to uber-nice restaurants (let's face it, how many really exist in E-town), so this will be a complete treat for us!

I'm so excited I could jump up and down and clap!!! Whee!!!!