Sunday, February 24, 2008

What's Wednesday?

It's actually my birthday. Hubbs has been asking me what I'd like to do to celebrate my entry into this world and ring in another year.

I had to think about this question for a good long while. Traditionally, I've thrown myself parties with all of my students, gone for multiple dinner outings with families on both sides, and generally marked the occasion as a week-long event filled with much merriment, food, and other grand festivities. This year, two out of three of my siblings (and their significant others) and my in-laws are either out of town or gearing up to be out of town on the "big day." I also have no classes to teach, coincidentally enough, but I happen to be scheduled to attend a PD workshop despite not working on Wednesdays.

In the end, I told Hubbs that I wanted to spend the remainder of the day (post-PD) shopping at West Ed. Mall. Seems sort of lame, isn't it, when I've made my birthday such a big deal in the past?

I'm not feeling my birthday this year. Maybe I will when the day arrives, but the weeks and days leading up to it haven't excited me in the least. Is it because I'm turning an unremarkable age, rather than some momentous number such as 30, or 40, or 65? Or is it because I'm stuck in this boring ol' city, which no longer excites me the way Hong Kong did, or Vancouver does? Perhaps it is because my Hubbs already spoils me to bits, so that I want for nothing. I don't know.

All I know is that unless I come up with something grand to do on Wednesday, I'll be at the big mall dragging my long-suffering, loving hubby behind me with a couple of bags in hand.


tejanamama said...

shopping for anything in particular or just feel like spending some cash? Why not jut have a romantic nite out? Dinner with just the two of you? I mostly hate malls and try to avoid them if I can! My birthdays have been like that for a *long* time it seems. I LOVE making a "big deal" out of them for other ppl, but for myself, nah. I like having a slice of really good cake (to do otherwise would be sacrilege) and that is about it. I haven't been spoiled by my husband however, so who knows why its that way! (Yer hubbs needs to talk to mine!). I love bdays and for myself, I just enjoy a few cards, ppl remembering (that is always the best) and some yummy dessert. Aside from that, I'm good!!! How young are you this year, anyway?

Mrs. Loquacious said...

Dinners with just the two of us = standard date :) Shopping with Hubbs = rare privilege. ;) I do like the cards, but I prefer gifts of extraordinary value and trips away from E-town. Oh, and desserts galore, though this year I'll be low-carbbing my special day so there won't be any cake. :(

I am still trying to come up with an alternate, less-lame idea. So far I'm coming up empty.

tejanamama said...

I always take the day off. Dieting on your birthday? Just silliness!!! Even for ONE meal, i make the acception and always have something yummy and sweet. Not do do so? Just craziness I tell you! We don't have dates, so I don't have a "standard" anything! lol. Dinner alone is a treasured gift here! If he isn't enjoying it, you still do? I hate shopping with dh because he slows me down and makes faces. You can tell he doesn't really feel it, so its just easier on everyone if he doesn't come along! :) LOL Don't feel you have to do something huge tho to make it count! Sometimes just enjoying each other's company and reflecting on how lucky you are to be in each other's lives and how extraordinary your days are--every day-- is quite a treat! Good luck deciding what to do and enjoy your day. How old are you turning, girl? I realize younger than me, but still....share. :)

Mrs. Loquacious said...

Yeah, I will consider breaking for the one meal...though so far I've lost 2.5 in a week and am trying to be good so I can see another drop this week (ugh..I sound like I'm on Biggest Loser or something). When he psychs himself up to go shopping he's usually okay. He also has poker on his cell phone so he'll play while he waits for's a good trick, really. Get your DH to bring his Nintendo DS or something and he'll be A-OK. You're right about being slowed down, though....Hubbs is *slow* when he shops, and doesn't like to go back to the same store twice, whereas I'm price-comparing so of course I gotta backtrack sometimes!

I know I know, re:not doing something *huge*...I'm trying to keep it low-key but at the same time, if it's too low-key it no longer feels like my b-day, which would be a bad thing.

I think I'm about 3 yrs younger? Won't say on here but I'll tell ya the next time we're on the phone. Let's just say when we met I was 19. :)

Ontario Emperor said...

It's Wednesday now, even in the Pacific time zone. Happy birthday! Enjoy your shopping, or whatever you do.

Mrs. Loquacious said...

Thanks OE! :) I will enjoy the day for sure!