Friday, February 29, 2008

Must Haves

There are a ton of things that I want/need, but none so much as this:
a Podium lululemon gym bag, preferably in black or some other neutral shade. When Hubbs and I head to the big mall on Sat., this girl is on a mission. :) The bag is waterproof and can hold up to 50 lbs, and it has a bunch of little compartments (I love compartments!). I am determined to find this bag in the city, and to make it mine. I have great plans to use this as my carry-on when we head to Mousetown.


Sunny said...

LOL- I LIKE it! I'm a shoe and purse phanatic!!!
My hubby hastes going shopping with me cause he KNOWS I'm coming home with either a new book- a new pair of shoes/boots, or a new purse.

He said men would never have so many accessories- I told him it's a good thing I'm not a man then.

Ontario Emperor said...

One thing to keep in mind - the Disneyland parks have a security checkpoint that you must pass through before entering either Disneyland or California Adventure. The check isn't as rigorous as the check used by airports, but you will be asked to open your bag.