Sunday, February 17, 2008

Mouse-ward Bound

When you wish upon a star,
Makes no difference who you are...

Any wish your heart desires
Will come to you..

I am so lucky that my Hubbs, who is already my dream-come-true, is making my other dreams come true as well! :) This spring break, we are heading to the "happiest place on Earth" for the "year of a million dreams." Ignoring all the cheesy catch-phrases, this is still pretty cool news in my books.

This whole thing came about after my last post, when Hubbs asked me if I seriously wanted to go to Disneyland, and I answered with an emphatic YES! and a gigantic grin on my face. Hubbs, being well versed in wife-pleasing, quickly made the decision to take me there on a getaway spring break holiday this year.

We booked, we've paid, and now we are in process of deciding what we actually want to do in the Anaheim area. It has been so long since I've been to a Disney park that I no longer know which features are the "popular ones" (except for Pirates of the Caribbean - we all know that this ride is the best and most notable one). I was, in fact, shocked and amazed to learn that there are actually two theme parks in the area - Disneyland, and Disney's California Adventure Park. On top of that, the Anaheim / L.A. area is home to Universal Studios.

Where to go? What to do? I am happy to take suggestions. If you have been, or know the secret ins-and-outs to a quality Disney visit, do enlighten me please. I'm a Disney ignoramus and I feel that, in order to avoid being overwhelmed when I get there, I need to do some homework and get myself edumacated (heehee) on all things Disney.


tejanamama said...

You kidding me? JUST LIKE THAT? I soooo hate you! Lol. When did you go before? I have never been to any disney themed anything except movie :) That is coming up very soon!!!! You guys move SUPERFAST!!! Enjoy and be safe!

Ontario Emperor said...

I know that you're going to love your trip. The rides that you'll like vary from person to person; some people like the more adventurous rides such as Indiana Jones and California Screamin', while others are content with Disneyana such as It's a Small World.

Chances are that you'll enjoy Disneyland more than California Adventure (which has fewer attractions than Disneyland, although I personally love the place), but since you're staying for a few days you'll definitely want to enjoy them both. If you go to California Adventure, my personal recommendation is Soarin' Over California.

Don't forget that Downtown Disney is right next to both parks and offers shopping, restaurants, and entertainment.

Spend some time at the Disneyland Resorts website; it will give you all sorts of helpful hints.

Regarding Universal Studios, the one thing that you'll see there that you won't see at the Disney properties is the studio tour. If you're a movie buff, you'll love it. If you're not, head for Newport Beach or one of the other beaches instead.

If you have any other questions, please email me at my Gmail account (mrontemp). We've been annual passholders for years, and I've lived in Southern California since 1983 and can try to answer any questions you may have.

Mrs. Loquacious said...

Tejanamama - I'm spoiled, non? He was very very accommodating...almost makes me wonder what he's feeling guilty about? ;)

OE - Thank you so much for the info! I wasn't going to go to Calif. Adventure but now I will totally consider it! :)