Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Low Key Isn't Always Bad

Case in point - my birthday, which expires in less than 4 hours.

I didn't make it to the big mall for retail therapy.
I didn't blow out any candles.
I didn't hear the birthday song until my dear mom-in-law sang it to me over the phone at 5:45 p.m.

However, here are the highlights, in case you're interested:

*Hubbs made me breakfast
*I got a beautiful bouquet of flowers from my wonderfully thoughtful parents
*I was
wished happy birthday by many dear friends, students, and family over the course of the day
*I got three very sweet birthday cards from Hubbs
*I received a lovely surprise gift (fancy storage boxes) from my friend and mentor/colleague, Dino
*I was given a free dessert when Hubbs took me to lunch at Mongolie Grill (the xango dessert was delicious!)
*I had a great quality conversation with the other birthday girl in my family - my mom (who shares the same b-day as I do)
*I was taken out to dinner at Lux by Hubbs, and ate abundantly and drank like a fish (but it didn't count because a)I tasted no alcohol, and b)it's my birthday)
*I was promised my big mall shopping spree on Saturday (a full day!) instead
*I read some very complimentary messages from my homeroom students, who gifted me with little encouragement notes
*My sister Superstar sang the Chinese birthday song to me (with background vocals provided by Space Max, brother-in-law) over the phone

...and of course, I still get to go to Disneyland in a month's time! :D

All in all, a quiet but busy day, and one that helped me to feel very appreciated and loved. To all those who sent me well-wishes in some form - I appreciate it so much!! Thank you from the bottom of my very full heart :)


tejanamama said...

Happy Birthday, Gorgeous!!!! SO glad so many people sent you love and kind words. You deserve it and to me, that is always the best present!!!!!


Sylvana said...

Happy Birthday! and Merry Disneyland!

Justice~! said...

Happy birthday again honey. You're the greatest wife ever and I love you very much.

Mrs. Loquacious said...

Thanks everyone! :)

It has been a great birthday week so far, and by all accounts it should only get better from here!!

Sunny said...

Oh Wow! Your b_day is two days after MINE!
i KNEW there was a reason I liked you so much!!

Happy Birthday HUN!!!!!
(Sorry it's a bit late in getting to you)

Natalie said...

SOunds like a great birthday to me. happy belated!