Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The First Step Is Admitting You Have a Problem

I have a problem. I fear I've turned into a Stage 5 nerd.

It all started innocently enough; I began to date a very smart, very funny, very handsome programmer/developer who happened to be interested in video games, code, and Transformers. I didn't think any of this would rub off on me, given that the last video game system I had touched was the Super Nintendo, and that was only to play T
etris and Dr. Mario. If anything, I hoped that my presence in his life would reduce some of his geeky ways.

Shortly into our courtship, in an effort to please and surprise my honey, I began to visit toy stores all over the S.A.R. (Hong Kong) in search of rare and unique Transformers. Our first date involved my surprising him with 13 very special Japanese-released Takara-made robots in disguise. One such collector's edition robot even needed to be disguised in his Megatron form in order to pass customs (since his alternate shape, a silver gun that shoots pellets, would have landed me in jail). I had to learn to transform this thing just to bring it home. I believe this was when the nerd infection began to take hold.

After my return from abroad, our relationship blossomed into engagement, then marriage. During that time, unintentionally my knowledge of development-related topics (OO TDD, programming, design patterns, VB.Net vs. C#.Net, Agile, MVC vs. MVP, etc.) actually increased, despite the fact that I don't even know how to write a proper For / Next loop anymore. I also found myself spending quality time with Hubbs playing on the Wii, the GameCube (prior to the Wii's arrival), the GBA, and the DS.

With much embarrassment, I must admit that this courtship journey chronicled my descent into the abyss of nerddom, rather than Hubbs' ascent into coolness. I began to indulge Hubbs' Transformer-loving ways (hence the glass display case proudly housing his most prized pieces, on full display in our living room). I also began to further grow his inner geek, going on programming book-hunts with him to Chapters stores in both AB and BC. I even encouraged his video gaming habit by conspiring with his parents to get him a PSP for Christmas, for the sole purpose of allowing him to play ONE game (Final Fantasy Tactics) on a different system.

Little did I know that as I fed the monster, my own little nerd-beast was growing, too.

And today, I hit rock bottom.

You see, Hubbs introduced me to the game, Professor Layton and the Curious Village for DS about a week or two ago. At first, I was skeptical. The last few games he has introduced me to have failed to truly engage me, and generally speaking I go through brief phases with any given game, and then quickly lose interest.

Well, with this particular game, I did not lose interest. In fact, all their little puzzles were very enticing to me, as was their somewhat-transparent plot line. I actually had to argue with Hubbs over who would get to play the DS at bedtime, and we'd sometimes end up compromising by working on the puzzles together for our "quality time" rather than actually spend time engaging with one another.

Anyway, today I hit a desperately ugly low. Hubbs was not around to help me with my puzzles, so I actually went online to find the cheats to beat the puzzles and move forward with the story line. Then, the unthinkable happened.

I finished a video game on my own for the first time in my over-three decades of living.

To the normal geek, I suppose this is no feat. This is just a regular Saturday night in lieu of actual human company. For me, however, this is *huge* and not in a good way. This completion of the game indicates that I have truly reached an all-time low in coolness, and the pinnacle of heights in geekiness. This is truly my "rock bottom."

I don't know what to do. There is no recovery group, no NerdAnon, to rescue me from myself.

I have a problem. I am a geek.

PS - The Professor Layton game also has bonus levels which I am now attempting to unlock and play. I may be beyond help.


Natalie said...

Although tony and I play most of our games together, the first one I beat all by myself was Katamari Damacy. I think you know of the series. It was a wonderful joyous feeling. We have now had our ps3 since September and have finished five of the six games we own and I only have 2 levels left on assassins creed. Being a geek is good fun!

karen said...

Mrs. L, it's hard to raise someone into coolness when you yourself are a self-professed NERD, ahahaha!

tejanamama said...

Coolness has sooooo skipped town on you two. And once you have kids, kiss any possibility of coolness goodbye forever. Kids are only cool to their folks for a couple of years and that is mostly because they need you to sustain their own lives. Girl you are a true and hopeless nerd. At least J is geekier than you...for now! ;)