Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy 2008! The Future Looks Bright.

As my in-laws and I celebrated the new year with another meal of inauthentic Westernized Chinese food, our horrorscopes (as printed in the local paper) were passed around the table. I read mine (taken with a block of salt) and I have to say that I was not very impressed with the somewhat negative tone of the forecast for most of us at the table.

I say, to heck with horoscopes and "predictions" for the future! What do these people know, anyway? They have no control over my choices, and they most certainly have no credibility to offer advice on what direction my life will take in the next 365 days.

Here's my true horoscope, my vision statement, and my outlook, as determined by me (and God):

The future looks bright and full of hope.
The year brings many new and exciting changes,
and the surprises will keep you busy and
help you to grow. You will be challenged at times,
but you will endure and be stronger for them.
You will experience much laughter and joy,
love and happiness. There will also be some times
of disappointment and sadness, but nothing that
can crush your spirit or overwhelm the abundance
of blessing in your life. Live with an unapologetic
conviction and passion, and enjoy every moment to
its fullest. Learn from your mistakes a
nd make
every effort to be the best person you can be
in the upcoming year. Be a blessing to others and
you will find that you are even more blessed in return.
Your three words to live by: love, laugh, learn.

May that be your true forecast for the upcoming year as well!


Natalie said...

I want to hug Calvin and Hobbs! I think you have a great plan for the new year. It will be a happy one.

Ontario Emperor said...

Even if I didn't have religious issues with horoscopes, their usefulness is minimal. I like your formulation much better.

Ontario Emperor said...

On a completely different topic, I have tagged you for a meme that's floating around. Enjoy.

Sunny said...

I LOVE YOUR version of your horoscope....mind if I adopt it as my own?

Great blog btw!!

Mrs. Loquacious said...

Thanks Sunny for your compliment! Feel free to adopt it! :)

Thanks OE - my formulation is definitely less dismal than the one in the paper, at any rate ;)

Natalie - I hope your year kicks butt as well! :)