Friday, December 14, 2007

Why My In-Laws Are The Best aka Rubbing It In

Did I happen to mention that I have the best in-laws ever? =) While others gripe about spending time with their "out-laws," I invite mine to come along on getaway holidays to Vancouver. While others dread coordinating Christmas visits between their parents and their in-laws, my parents and in-laws look forward to sharing Christmas meal(s) together. I am so blessed. I often hear nightmarish stories about how people have difficulty getting along with their in-laws, or how the two sets of parents rub each other the wrong way. Neither is the case with me. I love my in-laws and very much enjoy the nights we spend sleeping over at their place during the Christmas season; we have very interesting conversations with one another and the general experience of spending time together is wonderful. My parents love my in-laws (and remind me regularly to treat them well), and the respect is reciprocated by Hubbs' parents, who have nothing but excellent things to say about my Mom and Dad. Overall, I have a pretty ideal set-up going on.

And the icing on the cake? My in-laws are very thoughtful, exceedingly generous, and so much fun! The other day, while Hubbs and I were at dinner with his friend, my in-laws dropped by at the restaurant to present us with a homemade advent "calendar." Unlike the cheap chocolate-filled store variety of advent calendar, this advent calendar box is custom decorated by my father-in-law, and is wrapped and tied together intricately with ribbons and bells and Christmas stickers. Behind each carefully cut and sealed door are many small, fabulous treasures that we look forward to opening. We haven't peeked behind any of the doors (we're being good just like Santa directed), and have only opened two in keeping with instructions. Behind one were two McDonalds gift cards. Behind the other? His and hers chapsticks!! I wonder what else I'll be getting from behind the 10 remaining doors?

The point isn't in the value of the gift, but the reflection it offers of its givers. What a completely awesome, thougthful set of parents-in-law! I am the luckiest girl in the world. :)

Thanks Mom E. & Dad E. for this very cool gift! It will be among my favourite gifts this year, no doubt about it!


Natalie said...

That sounds much more exciting than chocolates. They sound great.

cristina said...

so you won the lottery in that dept and you STILL ARE NEVER HAPPY?? you are officially NOT allowed to whine about ANYTHING ELSE ever. ;) LOL