Saturday, November 10, 2007

Taken for Granted

I am rising to the challenge issued by the Ontario Emperor to identify things that I take for granted. In listing just a meagre selection of the many overlooked blessings in my life, it is evident that for the most part, I am an ingrate.

* clean, running water in hot and cold temperatures
whenever I need it
* a collection of technology (digital camera, lap top, cell phone with camera, mp3 player, digital voice recorder, DVD/VCR/TV) that I can use to communicate (or be communicated with)
* the freedom to read my Bible and pray in my classroom with my students
* functional limbs and digits
* electricity, also available to me at all times
* waking up to, and going to bed with, Hubbs (we used to be separated by an ocean)
* having both parents and both parents-in-law still alive and well, and happily married to their spouses

* my hair
* fresh air and open spaces and the absence of noise
* my memory and the ability to retain and recall information and experiences from many years ago
* the wealth to eat more than one meal a day (in fact, I sometimes eat 6 meals per day)
* peace in my nation

Those are just a few that came to mind. As Remembrance Day / Veteran's Day rolls around, let us all not only remember the blessings in our lives, but may we also remember to thank God for the things that we can take for granted, that many paid a heavy price for.


Cristina :) said...

*That all my body parts function to the best of their ability!
*That I have a supportive spouse and an in-tact marriage.
*That I wasn't a kid when I had my own kid.
*That we have a roof over our heads that is "small" to us, but 1000% nicer than the places other people call home.
*That I can think for myself and make good decisions for myself and my family.
*That i'm not cookoo like some people who lose it and do idiotic things!
*That I have money in the bank and a running automobile!
*That my daughter is healthy and was born that way!
*That my husband, brothers or father are here and not away fighting a senseless war! :( :( :(
*That I have a job to complain about constantly, especially on weekends when I have to do most of my grading!
*This list could go on and on!

Ontario Emperor said...

Wow! Both of you gave this some thought; much more than I did when I wrote the original Disneyland post. I've referenced both of you, as well as some other sources, in this post.

Mrs. Loquacious said...

Good points, Cristina (esp. the one about marking-it's report card time!). I am also thankful to live in Canada, where my national leader is not hated by the world, and my country isn't the main target of extremist terrorist groups. You really need to move north, woman! :P

OE - thanks for the tag! :) It was a good thing to force me to reflect a bit on how good I really have it.

Natalie said...

Wow I can't even imagine what I list I would put together would look like. I take quite a bit for granted. quite an impressive list.

Cristina :) said...

THanks OE! If you think for a second, I'm sure you can come up with some great ones! I read this post, immediately hit the comment button and didn't skip a beat. Pretty much anything I complain about, is something I should be thankful for! I complain that we don't have what i want in the fridge or in town, when I should be thankful for the food i DO have. I complain that my muscles ache when I should be thankful they WORK period. I'm not paralyzed! I complain that my husband forgets to do something important to me, when I should be thankful he is alive and works hard and provides for us. You see how it works? Oh well! I guess I'm human. But I am trying to be more thankful lately. I appreciated this entry, Helen. I need to focus on the positive more!