Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Where To Put the Arms?

When Hubbs and I cuddle, one of us inevitably ends up with lost circulation in the arm. It's true: the two bottom arms have no other place to be when people cuddle face to face. It looks easy in the movies, sure, but when you look closely you realize that the actors are playing to the camera and in actuality, their positions are untenably awkward as well, especially if sustained for more than a minute at a time.

So is there a solution to the cuddle dilemma? I would like to think that there is, but so far we have not managed to figure it out. A hole in the mattress is no solution (sorry XKCD), especially since I think it would feel equally awkward to have that arm hanging down the hole. We're cool with all the other cuddling positions (spooning, one on their back and the other on their side) but this one perplexes me.

As a cuddling fan, I would appreciate suggestions and tips. :) Merci.


karen said...

I've always told my hubby that one-armed girls have the advantage in cases like this. There's no solution beyond switching sides every now and then.

Sylvana said...

Get a Tempurpedic mattress! It works!

That was one of the first things that we noticed about our Tempurpedic - no dead arm during cuddling!

Worth the money ;) They really should highlight that feature in their commercials.

Cristina :) said...

ANything good is worth suffering a bit for ;)

Wynn said...

If I put my down arm between us, and his goes under my head... then I only loose circulation in my fingertips... but I hardly ever notice... {:-)

With Love, Fat Girl said...

He has one arm spread out, and that's where you put your head. His other arm is around you, one of your arms is around him, and your other arm is in between. I know that still leads to an in-between arm, but the circulation problems are less when there's only one arm there, and not two. A bit of a more flexible mattress is an asset in this case, as well. Listen to the tempurpedic suggestion!

Natalie said...

I go with my head one an arm his head on an arm and the other arms over each other. It works pretty well for extended periods of time but I don't know about an all nighter.