Tuesday, October 23, 2007

What I Wish....

I wish....

...that work weeks were only 3 days long, and weekends, 4 days long.

...that people got paid twice as much as they do now to make up for short weeks.

...that I could get back to my HK 2003 weight without any diet or exercise required.

...that LCD projectors would be built into computer towers rather than existing as a separate entity.

...that other vegetables could taste as good as french fries.

...that undesired body hair (e.g. legs) could be permanently removed with just one shave.

...that I had a new car and no payments waiting for me in my parking stall.

...that stiletto heels were comfortable enough to wear teaching all day.

...that marking would mark itself.

...that women could naturally conceive and birth babies after the age of 40 without complication.

...that I could be on a beach right now with a lavaflow drink in my hand.

...that it could be autumn for 6 months of the year and summer for the other 6. I don't need winter or spring.

...that Hong Kong was only a 4 hour flight away.

...that I had more time on my hands.

Don't you wish that too?


Ontario Emperor said...

Computer tower? I'm ready to go to the laptop world, or something smaller. As long as we're wishing, I'd like something the size of a smartphone, with a keyboard and monitor that just fold out.

You WANT to wear stiletto heels while teaching? This sounds like a Van Halen song, or perhaps a commercial that's been running down here (the controversial Carl's Jr. commercial for patty melts).

I prefer spring to autumn, but then again I don't have melting snow all over the place every spring.

Regarding travel, how about the Star Trek transporter capability? Then we could get to Hong Kong, or Europe, or wherever in mere moments.

sideshow bob said...

Aren't potatoes a vegetable?

If they aren't, don't tell me...I'd be much happier in my ignorance.

Mrs. Loquacious said...

Point taken, OE. I think transporting is even better than flying, provided it isn't painful.

Sideshow Bob - you're right. Potatoes are probably vegetables. I will modify accordingly ;)

Cristina :) said...

I think that you would also have to wish to extend life expectancy overall to go along with the having kids late. It is depressing to think of having kids at 45 then not living to see them marry, have kids, etc. :( :( :(

I get the wanting sexy shoes to be comfy, but why teach in them? You love driving the boys crazy, huh? meanie! :)

Sylvana said...

I like Spring and Fall, a little Winter and a little Summer. I hate really cold days and I hate really hot days even more!

Potatoes are my favorite vegetable! Yummy!

Wynn said...

Definately wish sexy shoes were comfy... I've never been able to get away with stiletoes... I have flat feet...
have you tried deep fried sweet potatoes! definately a veggie! definately heavenly!!!
oh, and as for spring and winter... the only good thing about winter is that it makes spring SSOOOO exciting! I love late spring, summer, and early fall... give me about two weeks of snow every year and I'm good to go... we'd have snow ball fights, skiing, sledding, ice skating, and then spring... sounds good to me!!!!