Saturday, September 29, 2007

Whoa...300? And Welcome to the 21st Century, Mrs. L

So I noticed as I was logging in to write this post, that I have written 300 posts now. Really? 300? Wow, I must have a lot of unimportant things to say! ;)

Anyway, Hubbs and I like to think that we're on top
of the tech world; we know about new technology coming out, and we're familiar with the gadgetry that accompanies these advances. However, the constraints of the wallet (and perhaps our need) often prevent us from actually indulging ourselves in the purchase of said new technology and new gadgetry, until such point that they are, well, no longer new.

Cases in point: my new mouse. I have been using the same corded old optical mouse on my laptop since I bought the computer two years ago. The wired mouse was Hubbs' old mouse, so I have no idea how long we've had it. Well, it finally died yesterday, giving me the excuse I needed to go out and buy a "real" mouse, an optical cordless Microsoft notebook mouse (model #3000) that would be much more convenient for me to use on my little desk. Voila my purchase:

Hubbs, too, in spite of being the audiophile that he is, was quite content with his Sony mp3 player, a player that he has had for well over a year. It had enough memory to hold his collection of workout and walking songs, and it was a good little size. At the time of purchase, he saw little need or appeal in the seemingly-overhyped iPods that were on the market. He didn't feel he needed one until early this week, when his own mp3 suddenly decided to stop responding to button controls. Then, and only then, did he feel that an iPod nano would be a good fit for him and his green Macbook Pro. Well, little did we know (but you probably knew this) that the skinny tall nano has been discontinued, in favour of the "chubby" nano. The skinny nano has become virtually impossible to find in most electronic stores given this discontinuation and the subsequent sales that have been going on, and so we figured we were out of luck. It was a glaring example of our having technological awareness and simultaneously "missing the boat."

Fortunately, we did manage to locate one little skinny nano in the end,

...and it happened to be green, in keeping with Hubbs' favourite colour.

My point, I guess, is that we are perhaps too cheap to keep up with the advances in modern technology that seem to pop up every month. Or, perhaps, we are smarter than most - waiting until these new toys have been tested by the masses, and have established a positive reputation, and have gone on sale. Maybe we're just being responsible with our money, recognizing that a "need" and a "want" are not the same, and that owning a Roomba isn't exactly something that is high on our list of spending priorities.

Who's to say? But I know I am going to enjoy using my new little mouse, and Hubbs is going to continue to enjoy using his new iPod nano, for a good few years to come.


Ontario Emperor said...

I not only use a corded mouse on my home computer, I also use a corded mouse on my work laptop. Of course, my work laptop is ancient - it has a "Designed for Windows 2000" sticker on it.

Natalie said...

I have never used a cordless mouse in my life. I think they really make a lot of sense. Congrats on finding a skinny nano. I thought they would have been totally gone!

Princess Banter said...

Ohh la la the finer things in life :) I enjoy buying these little techno gizmos too haha even if I know I really don't need them... doesn't stop me from doing so. Enjoy the mouse! Truly though, a good mouse makes all the difference in the world.

Sylvana said...

I'm afraid to get one of these mice. I know that it would run off if left untethered. But I do like the optical feature.

I agree with the smart-to-let-the-masses-test theory. That's the one that I go with.