Sunday, September 02, 2007

Put On My Dancing Shoes

I have a thing for shoes. Most women do, and I am among that majority. I especially have a thing for attractive looking, comfortable, affordable shoes. Sometimes my feet get all swollen from standing (the typical teaching day in my life) so I need professional-looking, attractive shoes that will accommodate my expanding feet and also not give me blisters.

Imagine my delight, then, to find the Naturalizer Aprika shoe. It's a last-season shoe, so it is on sale now and of course they only have the big and small sizes left in stock (which works for me, because I need to buy it a size larger to accommodate my foot swell anyway).

It's an all-leather shoe, with a soft and bendy rubber sole. It has an elastic stitching on the top of the shoe, so it fits well and stretches when necessary. It is ligthweight, high-heeled, and better still it feels amazingly soft on my feet; these shoes are the closest I've come to buying official dancing shoes (the kind that ballroom dancers and the people on "Dancing with the Stars" would wear) without dropping $200.

I am so very pleased with my purchase, even though I never go dancing anymore (is it an age thing? Maybe it's my 9:00 pm bedtime). It's good to know that if I ever decided to hit the dance floor, I won't be killing my feet to do so.

Now if only I could learn how to walk gracefully in heels, we'd be good to go. ;)


Cristina :) said...

Very cute!!! Like them! :)

Natalie said...

Those are adorable. All I can say is when learning to walk in heels walk as if you are walking on a tightrope, one foot directly in front of the other. It will make things much easier I promise. Also try Cole Haan (even though they are pricey) they have a line with Nike Air technology in the soles of heels. Awesome.

Ava Mazur said...

Oh my gosh I bought my first pair of Naturalizer's of course they are a flat mary jane but its like walking on baby pillows all day. I love those heals I may be tempted to go shopping.