Wednesday, September 05, 2007

O'Really, O'Reilly? - My New Toy

I am teaching a speech & debate class as part of my new job. This resulted in my need (yes, NEED) of a good voice recorder. One where I could burn files into CD format for replay to my students, or to store student work to keep for posterity (or until CDs go out of style).

I ran my potential purchase idea past Hubbs, and it turns out that *he* was also considering a digital voice recorder for podcast/Hot Developer Corner events. Even more coincidentally, we were both looking at the same Olympus Digitial WS-200S model. I wanted it because it was digital and on sale, and Hubbs wanted that one because O'Reilly blogger Giles Turnbull wrote up a very flattering review of it.

Of course, things never turn out as you would initi
ally think. The WS200S model was nowhere to be found in my city, despite it being promoted in a flyer for a local store that would indicate they had stock. As well, turns out Turnbull's review was 2 years old, and we know how quickly technology changes in 2 years.

I did find the updated cousin to the WS200s - the WS320M - and it was relatively affordable. So I bought it.

My new toy looks like this:

It has 1GB of internal flash memory, a plug-in USB port, WMA file formatting, and it can play mp3 files. I don't need all the fancy bells and whistles of this toy, but I do like that it is super light, super small, and easy to use. Mind you, I have yet to upload anything for burning onto CD, but I anticipate it won't be hard (and I can always consult with my techie Hubbs for advice).

So, thanks to the O'Reilly guys, I have a new toy that was approved for purchase (with full blessings) from Hubbs. I can't wait to test it out in my debate class! :)


Mack D. Male said...

We used much crapper Olympus recorders when we podcasted Northern Voice (Northern Voice at Podcast Spot) and they worked great for us. Looks like your little gadget is MUCH nicer, so I'm guessing it'll work beautifully for you!

With Love, Fat Girl said...

Wow. That's one of the things that makes you feel OH SO professional :)

Mrs. Loquacious said...

WLFG - I definitely felt like a pro using this thing, and it's true that it is super easy to upload the files in .wma and then to burn them to CD. I've already done so, to astounding clarity (in the dictation mode...didn't try the other mode yet). My students were also very impressed with my toy, which they were not allowed to touch! ;)

Mack D. - I do definitely recommend this if you plan to continue with podcasts. It's so easy to handle and use; I think you'd love it!