Tuesday, September 18, 2007


The rumours are true. I derive some sick form of pleasure from the act of ironing, when I have time to do it leisurely. I don't know when this fancy for pressing began, but in recent years I have noticed myself ironing whilst watching TV, or ironing while chatting with Hubbs, and it has been quite cathartic and relaxing to me.

If I had to venture a non-professional theory on this, I would have to say that I probably like ironing because I like making things look better. There is something immensely satisfying about watching a nasty wrinkle disappear under a hot, steamy iron, transforming a withered looking shirt into an impressive, sharp-looking article of clothing. The whoosh of the iron as its steamy vapours shoot out in attack on wrinkles is very gratifying to see.

Perhaps this is also the reason why I secretly enjoy vacuuming and cleaning, as well. Running a powerful vac over a carpet and hearing the clackety-clack of debris being suctioned out of my flooring feels really good. So does spraying some cleaning agent and water over a filthy dirty area and watching the grime disappear under a paper towel or sponge.

Now before you start thinking I should consider a career in maid service, I have to qualify my sick fascinations. I only like ironing when I have time, and it's not something I am being forced to do because Hubbs needs a shirt to wear and all of his dress shirts are wrinkled. Likewise, I don't appreciate vacuuming if I have other, more important things to do (like prepping for my classes), and I abhor cleaning if it is done under the pressure of having guests come over.

But, time factors aside, all of these mundane chores (especially the ironing) give me a little thrill when done for pleasure. I'm sure a psychotherapist would have some fun trying to psychoanalyze what this is all about, but until I get a good analysis of my condition, I will continue on enjoying the chores that usually drive people crazy.

I'm actually excited about the 3 shirts awaiting my ironing today. :) I think I may be sick in the head.


With Love, Fat Girl said...

Want to come over? I have plenty of wrinkled and dusty excitement waiting for you!!!

Natalie said...

I went through a cleaning phase between the ages of about 10 and 13. I ironed EVERYTHING including underwear and dusted almost daily. I now wonder where that person went because not a remnant remains. I know where our iron is but barely and I am a firm believer in steaming things while I shower. That gets the wrinkles out most of the way.

Wynn said...

Is that anything like the kick I get out of washing other peoples dishes? Himself thought I would be such an amazing housewife because I would drop by his apt and wash up his dishes... poor deceived man... and when I am at a friends house I love to help out in the kitchen and get it all straightened up for them... But don't EVEN suggest that my dishes might possibly need washing... I mean, for heavens sake! I have a dishwasher and four teens! why should I EVER touch a dirty dish! (but I do... sigh)

Sylvana said...

I LOVE sweeping a really dirty floor.