Friday, September 14, 2007

Frequent Flyer

I have always envied those whose jobs offered them the luxury of travel. As a teacher, my job has no such perks....most of the time. Fortunately for me, however, this year I will have the chance to travel 2 provinces over, to attend (pro bono as part of my membership) a Christian teachers' convention. The convention is usually locally held due to the majority of the membership being from this area of the world, but every 10 years it travels eastwardly because there is a small number of schools belonging to the association located there.

I, it so happens, lucked out this year. I'm so excited...even if it *is* Winnipeg! :)

However, I'm even *more* excited about returning to the Promised Land, the land of milk and honey, the Paradise of Canada, VANCOUVER, in two months' time. It, too, is somewhat work related - Hubbs is attending DevTeach West there, and I am flying out to join him in the schmoozefest / networking that will take place in the evening hours following the conference.

The reason why I am so excited is that we will be staying at the Sheraton Wall Centre, which so happens to be the hotel at which Hubbs proposed to me three Novembers ago! Oh, the memories. I keep wondering if there will be rose petals on the bed this time 'round ;)

Though I work in a profession that doesn't permit me much travel, I have been fortunate enough to find ways to visit other cities anyway. Though I realize my two trips are hardly noteworthy (like a trip to Barbados or Italy might be), even these two occasions to wrack up some flyer miles are highlights to my simple mind and simple (or simplifying) life. I can hardly wait!


Ontario Emperor said...

Ironically, I just wrote something in my MySpace blog about my limited travel.

I have a slightly different perspective on Vancouver than you do. Back in 1979 and 1980, several of us guys traveled from our college up in Portland to the wild town of Vancouver, with his 19 year old drinking age. (And no, I didn't get THAT drunk, although one of our company did on one of the trips.) Can't even remember where we stayed.

I've never been to Winnipeg, and they only thing that I know about it is that the Fox Soccer Report is broadcast from there. Though I doubt that Jeremy St. Louis will cover a teachers' convention...

Ontario Emperor said...

After I read your travel comments, I happened to run into a third person (Tom Kyte, one who travels more than the two of us combined) talking about travel.

Here's my mashup of all three of us.

Mrs. Loquacious said...

Saw the post, OE. Funny that people who travel around lots for their job complain about all their traveling, whereas I covet those opportunities to fly to, and check out, another city.

Guess it depends where one flies to, and for how long, though. One of my lawyer friends used to have to fly to Calgary from Edmonton just to deliver certain classified papers, and then she'd be back on the flight home. That, to me, does not sound ideal either.