Wednesday, August 08, 2007

So Right.

I am referring to Apple's new aluminum iMac desktop. Sure, I don't NEED a new comp; my little Toshiba laptop is running fine. That said, how much sexier would my desk look (and my whole place, for that matter) if I owned this:

Seriously, this thing oozes sexy and sleek and modern and chic. And we all know that these days, Macs are a bazillion times cooler than the rest of the lot.

I think my next purchase will be an iMac, and it will be soon. ;)


Justice~! said...

Funny how *D'Arcy* posts about this and then you all of a sudden want to buy a new comp! I hope your next post describes the *money tree* in our apartment that I've just never noticed!!

And I thought I told you D'Arcy's blog was off limits? ;)

janeylynne said...

uh oh. lol

It does ooze the height of chic, but I don't think I'm chic enough for it.

And dude, you have a money tree?? Send me some seedlings off of that!

Cristina :) said...

You need to stop proving your dorkdom by using "sexy" and "computer" in the same SENTENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lmfao. I love my mac, but I have a still looks great and I love it!!!! Thank god I got it for free through my job and picked it instead of cash for my severence ;)

Justice~! said...

Actually, Christina, I think the real dorks are the ones who *don't* think comps are sexy...;)