Thursday, August 02, 2007

More Shopping Decisions

Hubbs & I are trying to be fiscally responsible; we've been challenged, particularly over the course of the past few months, to use our money wisely and not to overspend. To buy smart, and to buy well. You know what I mean.

Well, our bed frame collapsed recently, the result
of poor purchasing decisions that we had made three years ago when we decided to buy a nice, but not very well constructed, IKEA bed. The end result? We needed a new bed frame.

Luckily, along came our angels in the form of my sis Superstar and her hubby Spacemax, who offered us gratis their extra queen-sized bed frame. One with a metal frame, no less. Sturdy, nice, and free. The problem? We now need a box spring, and a mattress pad, because of course their frame is built for mattress sets, not mattresses alone.

So, in my fiscally responsible manner, I began to do a little research on the Internet. To my dismay, I learned that box springs are usually sold in sets with mattresses, and more importantly, there is the general understanding that one should never mix and match box springs with mattresses of different makes and models. Worse yet, the cost of an IKEA box spring (to match our existing mattress), a mattress pad, and delivery would exceed that of simply purchasing a whole new lower-end Sealy mattress set!

So, what is a girl to do? I see the range of mattress sets priced anywhere from $399 to $2000, and since bed preferences are individualized, there are no "objective" reports to determine which sleep sets are better than the others.

Hubbs & I are planning to shop around and look at some of these sleep sets, to see if they are any better than just buying a box spring and mattress pad from IKEA (now that the brand has left a rather sour taste in our mouths anyway). Is there something specific I should be looking for, aside from comfort?

I would appreciate your ideas. Merci.


Natalie said...

I don't know, I'm a futon lover myself. Mattresses are a world apart.

Ontario Emperor said...

I knew the Ikea products were relatively inexpensive (didn't the US "Big Brother" TV show feature them one year?), but I didn't realize that some of them were poorly made. I hope you aren't rejecting their Swedish meatballs, though. :)

Cristina :) said...

I would get a new base for your existing bed for less. The mattresses are more expensive. Good luck!