Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Jason Bourne's Ultimatum - A Review

I remember when the first two Bourne movies came out. I remember watching them, and enjoying them. However, I remembered not what they were about. ;)

When I was asked to see the movie with Hubbs, then, I wasn't sure what to expect. I knew the movie would be good, and I would like it, but I had zero recollection of what the trilogy was about. Thankfully, Hubbs had never watched the Bourne movies before, so we needed to watch them for his benefit anyway. Turns out, it was for my benefit too.

Re-watching the first two Bourne flicks helped me remember what the premise of the story was, and the ending of the second film definitely helped me to figure out the context of the opening scenes of the third movie, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

This third (and final) flick in the trilogy follows Bourne (picking up from the end of the second movie) as he returns to American soil to find out what had happened to him. In the process, there are lots of car chases and shoot-outs and casualties, a direct consequence of certain members of the CIA not wanting deep dark ugly secrets to be revealed. The ending is a little surprising, and the story is completed in a way that allows most of the questions raised in the first two movies, to be answered.

I really enjoyed that the movie was suspenseful, exciting, action-packed, and also quite tightly written. There were no obvious gaping plot holes, and the actors were all very convincing in their roles. My only beef with the movie is that it was obviously shot quite some time after the second film, since both Matt Damon and Joan Allen looked a significant bit older than what they should have looked like if the time lapse had been only a few weeks. That took me out of the story a little bit; I kept looking at them and thinking, "Wow! They look so old now!"

That said, I highly recommend watching this movie, especially after you've re-watched Bourne Supremacy. The writers obviously planned ahead and wrote a storyline that is intricately woven, and well thought-out. I usually find that third movies aren't that great, but this last episode of the trilogy is probably almost as good (if not equally so) as the first movie. Go watch it with an expectation to be thrilled (and nauseated from the camera work) and entertained: you won't be disappointed.


Wobbly*Bits said...

I really liked it. However, I needed some romance. Someone, anyone! Every movie is a romance to me.

My ONE question about the movie is WHY can't they send a picture of the man they are chasing all over the world to airports? I know, I know, it's better for the movie if he can travel around. But all the man changes is his name. Doesn't even wear a wig!

I still loved it :)

Mrs. Loquacious said...

I agree with you. There are still some inconsistencies that don't make tons of logical sense. My question is more, how can they get so many notices out to so many different people all over the world so quickly? It's not like Bourne was loitering at the airport or train station for hours on end.