Friday, August 03, 2007


Honestly, if I hadn't been invited by good friends, I would not have gone to see this movie. I am not a Travolta fan, much less a fan of Travolta in drag (Revolta!).

I also had very little idea what the movie would be about, except that I knew it would be full of dancing and singing and a bigger girl who would be the main character.

Imagine my surprise, then, when I found myself really getting into the movie. I think Nikki Blonsky rocked her role as Tracy Turnblad, and I was also incredibly impressed by the singing and dancing. It made me want to get up and break into song ;)

Queen Latifah also did a great job in the movie, and the one scene of the march actually moved me to near-tears.

The rest of the cast was pretty impressive as well; I didn't know that James Marsden (better known as Cyclops from X-Men) could sing, and the guy that plays Seaweed was, IMHO, the best dancer in the flick.

My only complaint: Travolta. I am sorry, but there was NO way to sell me on his character because no matter how I broke it down, all I could see was Travolta in drag. I could not suspend this disbelief for even a second. He was fug, he was not convincing, and he should've at least done something to feminize his voice more. I would have been a hundred times happier if they would have cast any other cross-dresser in that role, other than him.

Overall, though, I was able to ignore Travolta enough to enjoy the movie. It is a surprise feel-good sort of movie, the kind of thing you want to see on a warm summer day just to lift your spirits. Go check it out! But maybe on cheap night ;)


Natalie said...

I haven't seen it yet but I am a huge fan of the original John Waters version with Divine and Ricky Lake. I would suggest you rent it sometime.