Friday, August 03, 2007

Bed Update: We Almost Have One! :)

It's true! Hubbs and I stopped by our local furniture shop and laid upon several sets of mattresses for many minutes, initially without much luck. Hubbs is particular about mattresses, you see; he needs them to feel soft and firm and to give him this "Aaaaaaaahhh" feeling before he can deem them worthy of our sleeps.

The first few we tried out were Sealy brand. No luck. He hated all of them, especially the lower-end ones that were within our price range ;) Then, the salesd
ude spotted us, and steered us towards *his* favourite, the Kingsdown Crown Plus collection (no doubt the priciest ones on the floor). Well, we laid down on one and Hubbs said, "This is getting closer to what I like."

We laid down on the next, and I heard a distinct, "Aaaaaaaahhhhh....," followed by a grin creeping up onto Hubbs' face. The salesdude explained that the mattress was a pocket coil, and that it was topped with a memory foam pad, and that it had 1000 coils (14 gauge), etc. I don't think Hubbs heard any of it; he was enchanted by the fuzzy luxurious fabric (the kind that might be used to make stuffed animals) that covered the pillow top of the ma
ttress. He declared, "This is more like it!" and the decision was all but made. Well, sort of.

I insisted that we test one more set of mattresses, the Kingsdown set that was another $200 more expensive. Of course, *I* laid down on this one and did the aaaah thing and declared it to be the best (it felt like those really posh beds at hotels, the ones that you sleep all night on without waking up, and then don't feel like leaving to check out) on the floor. Hubbs tried it out but, in Goldilocks & the 3 Bears fashion, deemed it to be too hard!

So began 20 minutes of Hubbs and I traveling back and forth between these two mattress sets, conveniently located beside one another, to try to decide which one we really wanted. The fuzzy set was warmer (the fuzzy fur coating had something to do with it, I'm sure) but the other one was cooler for me, the human furnace. The fuzzy one was soft on his shoulder blades, but the other one felt a little better for supporting my back. The fuzzy one had a marshmallowy, melt-into-it feeling, but the other one had better bounce power. On and on the comparisons went.

Finally, in light of fiscal responsibility, we settled on the fuzzy one. It was still about 3x more than we had anticipated paying, but we figured that, over the course of 10 years, it will average out to be chump change per day, and well worth it for a good night's rest.

So, this is our new bed:

The frame has yet to be assembled, and thus no pics are available. It is, however, a metal sleigh bed (head and foot boards that are higher than the mattress) in a champagne colour.

I am so excited! :) I'll let you know how our first few sleeps go, and luckily the furniture store has a 21-90 day return policy where, within those range of days, if we hate it, we can bring it back! Given Hubbs' many "ahhhhhh" moments on that bed, however, I highly doubt we'll be returning it.