Monday, July 02, 2007

Truly More Than Meets the Eye

Okay, I know the title is weak. Don't hate. I just got home from an early viewing (the first show in town) of Transformers: the Movie. As a TF fan-by-association (Hubbs is the hardcore fanboy of the original G1 & G2 goodness), I went mostly because Hubbs invited me and I knew it was a big deal to him.

The line-up was insane, and apparently rumour had it that attendees began lining up 4 hours before the movie was scheduled to start. We showed up a respectable 1.5 hours before show time and managed to scam a decent pair of seats, but waiting in the line-up almost drove me insane and by the time I settled in my chair I was threatening the lives of Hubbs and Michael Bay if the movie disappointed, especially after such a long and unpleasant lining-up experience.

Thankfully, the movie did not disappoint in the least. I won't give anything away since this is worth paying full price to see, but here are my list of pro's about the movie:

- Great action sequences involving vehicle-to-robot-to-vehicle modes, and thrilling battle scenes
- Plot was infused with some non-cheesy humour (and some cheesy humour, but given the movie this is to be expected, non?)
- Well-written robot character development for the good guys
- A believable storyline between the character of Sam and his Camaro (Bumblebee)
- Shia Labeouf was a very likeable human, and much better than the "Spike" character of the original story

That said, there are a few cons to the movie, too, such as:

- Megatron looking like a big bad pile of shredded metal. NOT the Megs of original TF fact, unrecognizable as the character if it wasn't for everyone saying his name
- The romance between the two characters was a little unnecessary; couldn't they just be good friends in a platonic way?!?
- Aside from oogly Megs, the other Decepticons looked a lot alike, IMHO. I couldn't tell them apart and they were all gray, whereas the Autobots were nice and colourful.
- I didn't like the boombox guy.

Overall, though, I was riveted throughout the movie and not once was I taken out of the story. The movie was so well received by the die-hard fans, in fact, that at the end of it the audience actually applauded. I would totally watch the movie again, although I can't imagine the second viewing to be more enjoyable than this first one. Go watch the movie (although perhaps not during the first two weeks of its release; there were some freaky fans wearing TF t-shirts tonight...NOT COOL, people!...and NO, Hubbs was not one of them!). If you want an entertaining, suspenseful, action-packed flick - you just found your "summer blockbuster." ;)