Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Shop Snob

Is it wrong to be a shop snob? I unabashedly admit to being one. There are just certain shops that I will not shop at, barring emergencies. I hesitate to say that it is because I am an elitist, although part of me does not want to be interacting with the type of people who might typically shop at these stores. It isn't elitism, though, since I might shop at other stores that these folks would shop at; I just wouldn't want to associate with them in the particular context of that store. I wouldn't call my shop snobbishness a class issue either, since there are many stores I shop at that would not be considered "classy" (e.g. Dollarama, Zellers, Everything for a Dollar, Army & Navy). I don't even think it is because of the overcrowding at these places, since I have no issue with crowds, having lived in HK for 4 years.

I honestly don't know what it is. There are just certain places where I refuse to shop at, and find miserable places to visit. These include (but are not limited to):

- Wal-mart (and yes, the camping gear was an exception emergency, and the first time I've been in that store in a year)
- A Buck or Two
- Superstore
- San Francisco (the novelty store)
- Liquidation World
- Value Village

Does this make me an evil person? Are there shops/stores that you just do not care to shop at, for incomprehensible reasons?

I'm looking for affirmation and validation here. Help....


Natalie said...

I went into Wal-Mart for the first time about a year ago and it was just because I was curious. I never plan to go back.

Ontario Emperor said...

Sorry, can't validate. There's a group of people in my neighborhood who are trying to block the establishment of a Wal Mart. So, as a result, we've had a huge, fenced-in, graffiti-ridden empty lot instead. Thanks, neighbors.

That having been said, there is one particular Wal Mart that I won't shop in because it's not well managed (graffiti, messed up aisles, etc.). I'm fine with the others.

With Love, Fat Girl said...

Affirmed, and validated!

I HATE wal-mart, but then I just go once every two months or so to stock up on the necessary bathroom & kitchen supplies.

But if your Superstore refers to the Real Canadian Superstore... oh honey, take that one back, immediately! (Should you need more convincing, I'll be happy to write you a long, long comment on just how much I love that store and why it is so very necessary to our existence)

Mrs. Loquacious said...

I admit Wal-mart has great prices for toilet paper and the like, but I would rather pay more elsewhere than get it there and line up with pushy folks and crying babies for an hour.

NAT - I'm with you there. No need to go when you can buy it elsewhere.

OE - You're a specific store snob then! :P The Wal-mart closest to me is pretty ghetto though, so not unlike what you have described.

WLFG - I used to shop Superstore *all the time* but now the closest ones to me are all dirty, with spilled stuff on the aisles and all over the bulk food sections, with picked over, decimated veggies and fruits sections, PLUS apathetic workers who wear their iPods on the job and don't bother to clean up the mess or help answer questions. We have since become shop snobs b/c of these negative experiences time and again. Haven't been there in over a year now.

Philip said...

You have issues with Superstore? That's messed up.

Sylvana said...



Cristina :) said...

i dont like the crowds at some locations but there are some nice ones near us and we go regularly because our pocketbook dictates it!!!