Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Family Friendly - SFW!

Muchos gracias to Janeylynne for pointing out this really cool blog-rater to me. It essentially ranks one's blog using the movie-rating system, based on language/content.

I have been rated:

Free Online Dating

Mingle2 - Free Online Dating

Nice! I have strived to be relatively PG in my posts (in case past/present/future students might chance upon the thing), and this is very affirming to note.

Incidentally, Hubbs' blog is rated G as well, which does cause me to question the reliability of this tool! ;) Even so, I'm happy for the G rating.

Are you SFW?


Natalie said...

I've been rated PG for the use of Gun, Death, and Crap. My blog mouth is much cleaner than my actual mouth.

The Doc said...

Jago checked this for me last week. Apparently, I'm rated R, mostly because I use the word "dead" and "hell". But the thing doesn't take context into account: Seven Hells! is a blog I read linked in my sidebar, and every use of "dead" was used in a review of "Dead Man's Chest". So really, I think I should probably be rated PG-13.

Ontario Emperor said...

I was rated PG-13 for the use of the words "dead" and "bomb."

Looking at the comments above, it's somewhat troubling that children are to be sheltered from discussions about death. My daughter was probably about 5 years old when she first encountered death (two great grandparents died within a year). While I'll grant that words such as "ritual mutilation" should result in a more adult rating, should the simple mention of death result in such a score?

Can't remember why I used the word "bomb." For all I know I may have been quoting from "All Your Base Are Belong To Us" (which should probably be rated as unreadable for other reasons).

P.S. I personally feel that "hell," in and of itself, shouldn't receive an adult rating either.