Monday, July 30, 2007

Car Camping - My Weekend Update

I have returned from nature. I am still alive! Better yet, I am no longer a married car-camping newbie. I mean, I have gone camping before, with the girls, with friends. But never as a married woman, never with my Hubbs, and not in a long time (6 years to be exact).

Highlights of the weekend:

-Great fires, great company, and great food and drink (Chai liqueur, caesars, fruity drinks, steak, smokies, marshmallows...YUM)
-A dry tent, warm bags, and toques to keep us warm
-An easy-to-inflate air mattress that helped keep us from having to sleep on a hard ground
-Gas (for the stove, from our mouths, from our butts)...made for lots of giggling
-Interesting conversation all the way there, while there, and all the way back
-95% Deet Muskol. Saved me from being mosquito feed.
-Fantastic camping gear (all packed by my Superstar sis and her SpaceMax hubby)
-My comfy camping chair

Lowlights of the weekend:

-The outhouse. I gagged and nearly puked every time I had to visit that evil place. I was sorely tempted to go in the bushes, had my company not been so adverse to this suggestion. How do outhouses get such a nasty acidic foul waste odour without people complaining and demanding more chemical cleansing? I know it (the chemical cleansing) happens once every morning, but shouldn't it be more frequent, like once every 2 hours? Even our local mall bathrooms are tidied up every hour or two. So should be outhouses.

-The fruit flies. Apparently they like Caesar salad and red wine, because our delicious dinner was innundated by these small nasty little flies. Anyone got a good way to keep these things out of your eating area? They were so small that even a screen tent wouldn't have kept them away.

-The bugs inside our tent when we tried to take it down. I wish there was a way to suck up all the bugs and all the twigs and leaves from the inside of the tent before we put it away, but unfortunately there was no solution that would work. I am open to suggestions/ideas from more seasoned campers out there....but I was told we'd just have to air out and clean out the tent the next time we want to use it. Bug corpses await. Nice.

All in all, though, an amazing experience and a very relaxing time. We'll definitely go again, and next time we can start adding to our collection of gear. I am excited. :)

How was your weekend?


Ontario Emperor said...


I had been in San Diego for business all week, so when I got home I pretty much did nothing.

Well, I filled some prescriptions, made a bank deposit, bought some printer cartridges, played some more NTN/Buzztime trivia, went to church and read scriptures/served communion while shuttling someone to and from, got gas, exercised for the first time in months, and got a haircut.

But frankly, I spent most of the weekend doing nothing.

Cristina :) said...

SO glad it went well girl! The lowlites would have really kept me from having such a good time,but you seemed to have been able to get past it all. GOOD FOR YOU chikee!! Not a camper here! Don't care to be either! THANK GOD I married a through in through city kid who likes nature, but likes sleeping indoors more! ;) LOL

GOOD WEEKEND here with our first open house. It went well. LOTS to catch up on with you chikee!


vien said...

whoa Mrs L, you really roughed it with the outhouses, eww, but should i say i am proud of you? :)

I think i would have gone in the bushes and not tell my companions. ;)

camping...we've been spoiled by Mt Kidd.

Natalie said...

I never would have made it past the outhouse. It was a weekend at the movies for me; Simpson's and Ratatouille! Both were awesome. Then a little cooking and even some cleaning!

With Love, Fat Girl said...

Ugh, outhouses. Too many bad youth experiences with those things, too many. Glad you had a great time!

Mrs. Loquacious said...

OE - Weekends doing nothing are the BEST.

Cristina - Let me know how the house sale goes! Guess what? My mentor and her hubby are moving to San Ant. in the fall too! Perfect reasons to visit now ;)

Vien - I was sorely tempted to wee in the bushes, and had the tree coverage not been so sparse I would've done it on Sat. morning. My co-campers were still sleeping at that point ;)

Nat - How was Ratatouille? Worthy of watching for adult audiences? Some of the kid flicks are too kid-oriented for me.

WLFG - Trust me when I say I was very close to buying my own port-a-potty for the trip. I usually don't even like using public washrooms (I'd rather wait til I got home if I could) but in this case, desperate times called for desperate measures. Thankfully my bowels cooperated and I didn't have to be subject to using the outhouse for any extended length of time. ;)

Cristina :) said...

Damn girl...i'm glad someone you **really** like is moving down there near me...otherwise i'd never seen you! ;) LOL