Tuesday, May 15, 2007

You Know What Annoys Me?

Laziness on the job in professional, intellectual occupations. When one is paid for their intellectual work, they should work to the best of their ability. They should not settle for short-cuts or for submitting sub-standard work. They should not dilly-dally for weeks on end and then rush to complete something that could have been done well had it been worked on regularly in preceding weeks. They should not make excuses and blame others for what essentially amounts to their own laziness and apathy towards quality work.

I think of my Hubbs, who is always proactive in his work, and tries hard to do his best at all times. I compare him against certain people with whom he has worked (or still works), who do not bother to test their products for errors or misses significant steps in their processes, leading others to fall behind because of inevitable problems that result from the missed steps. I wonder why these people even bother to stay in their profession if they do not have enough drive to even do an acceptable standard of work; if their jobs are so unpleasant to them that they fail to take ownership of, and pride in, their work, then perhaps they are in the wrong field and should simply pursue a different line of work.

The laziness of people like this always drives me batty. It costs everyone else additional time and effort at the end, and the project always ends up being delayed, because mistakes and uncaught errors require trouble-shooting at the end of the process rather than during the building process. It's basically tantamount to building the foundation of a house without checking to see if the walls are straight and at 90 degree angles to the floor. The carelessness that occurs during the foundation-building steps, left unchecked, then produces a crooked house that needs to be torn down and essentially rebuilt. Costly? Absolutely. Time-consuming? No question. Preventable? Completely.

So, if you are reading this and you are someone who is a lazy worker, then get off your arse and do your job, or else get out of the field. There is no excuse for crappy work, especially if it affects those with whom you work, and especially if you are going to end up costing your company more money than you are worth.



Natalie said...

What about if you do your work really well and go over it meticulously but you just don't have enough work to keep you busy at the office for 40hrs a week so you end up messing around on blogs all day? Does that make me a lazy worker? I don't like people who don't do a good job either. I really just don't have enough to do.

Mrs. Loquacious said...

That's totally different, Nat. Not having enough to do does not affect anyone else in the office, and nobody else has to "pay" for your laziness in the sense that they end up working OT to try to repair a broken project. The lazy workers to which I refer have jobs to do but fail to do them well or thoroughly. For that they should be fired.

If your employer fails to adequately keep you busy, that is their problem, not yours. I've known a few government workers who simply don't get issued enough work to fill an 8 hour day. That's top-down mismanagement of resources, and nothing to do with laziness.

With Love, Fat Girl said...

That's usually the problem with lazy people, they're in denial! I hear you, though. One of my even bigger pet peeves is people who go for government jobs for the sole intention of benefits, long vacations, and being lazy asses in general. Oh, I know several...

thethinker said...

That is definitely a big pet peeve of mine. If someone is doing a job, they need to take the time to do it right or not at all. If they're that lazy, why work? Why not quit and let someone more qualified/dedicated take over?