Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Re-entering the 21st Century

As some of you may know, my return from the land across the ocean marked the beginning of a new era in my cell phone life. My previous phone, which I liked a lot, was not going to work on N. American soil, so I had to get myself an economical, sturdy, practical phone to last me the 2 years of my wireless-slave-contract. I settled for a nice little Nokia, a reliable and durable little phone will limited features. In truth, it was a dinosaur of a phone even 3 years ago, and has only become more obsolete in the last few years.

I never learned how to text on this phone. It didn't have a camera. It had limited gaming potential and less-than-stellar graphics. It wasn't Bluetooth friendly, and took forever to get connected to any wireless network. However, it made calls and received calls with clarity, so I kept it.

However, a recent "dropping" incident left my little dinosaur 3100 unable to do even that. It began to cut out, to fade voices, and to be unreliable. This was the sign I needed to re-enter the land of 21st century wireless technology. I marched into the phone company tonight and found myself a new phone: the Sony Ericsson W810i.

This new toy of mine has a nice Walkman function, radio function, video function, camera function, great graphic resolution, and I think it even washes dishes ;) It's swanky nice and has a very consistently positive user rating of approximately 8/10 (which is good considering most phones have a 6-7 rating). It's also sexy looking in a sleek black colour.

Now if I can only figure out how to download ring tunes and text message, I'll be all set. :)

So here's to me, to the end of a 3-year era of archaic phone use, and to many text messages in days to come!


With Love, Fat Girl said...

I have an earlier model of this same phone and while it's fantastic, get yourself a good case for it NOW. I too had a dropping issue, just dropped it the one time and it wasn't even that bad of a fall... and the camera hasn't worked since. Bugger.

(oh and, while recording video clips may seem stupid at first, it's a great little memory saver and a heckk of a lot of fun!)

Natalie said...

A year ago my little outdated Nokia was stolen. I loved that phone and it did everything I needed it to; call and text. My new phone is nowhere near as snazzy as yours but it still is way fancier than my nokia but I don't like it better.

Mrs. Loquacious said...

WLFG - Thanks for the tip. I'm on a mission to find a case now!

Nat - I hear ya. I actually loved my pre-dinosaur semi-archaic phone from overseas. It did everything I needed it to do and it carried a nice clear signal between my city and Hubbs' allowing us to chat for hours on end w/o the phone dying. I would have been happy to stay wiht that phone, but it wasn't N. America-compatible. :(