Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Is It Wrong to Be So Damn Girly?!?!

In case you had no idea, my baby sister's wedding is coming up in 3 short days. In preparation for walking down the aisle as her bride's matron and standing up for her, I went on a little pampering spree: I got a French pedicure and gel nails.

I think I've only had a pedicure once before this, and it was not memorable enough for me to recall the details of it. My wedding was the only other occasion in my life that has necessitated gel nails, and that was to mask my nail-biting problem (I'm down to one bad finger, which is a heckuva lot better than all 10).

Anyway, this pampering spree was a little excessive, since I am not the bride and quite frankly, I could have easily hidden my deformed bitten nail without the gel French manicure. I decided to do it because, well, I'm girly. I love having feminine looking nails that make a cool clickety clack sound when I type, and I enjoy watching my now-prettied hands pick things up, wash dishes, and basically do just about anything. I admire the whole aesthetic of it. I think it looks feminine on me (although the idea that it might also look a bit sleazy/cheap/slutty has not escaped me either, since I've seen some rather interesting ladies of the night or ladies of the bar with similar nails).

So now that I have my gels again, I am actually contemplating keeping them around for a while, just because they look so dang good. I know they need bi-weekly maintenance, which means that if I do keep them around, I have to be prepared to fork over some serious $ every couple of weeks. I already have a monthly (sometimes 2x/month) massage habit to pay for, plus not-so-cheap facial products; the gel nails would definitely be an added financial burden that Hubbs would essentially have to pay for (since I am still not yet employed). The upside of my pretty nails, aside from the aesthetic reason, is that it does prevent me from biting my nails, possibly helping me to get rid of my crappy habit once and for all. The down side is the cost, as well as the fact that it essentially ruins all of my nails because with gels, you either need to keep filling them in or you need to let them grow out; they don't just peel off.

Dilemma dilemma. What should I do? What would you do?

Sometimes being a girl is so expensive!


Cristina :) said...

you do NOT get massages that often!!!??? I HATE YOU!!!! how much are they there? How much is the upkeep on the nails? If it makes you feel good....keep them! Why not!? I started biting again and haven't gone for a mani in ages. I'm actually suprised to hear you don't go in more often! You are a girly girl for sure! I went in for my first massage in over two years about 2 months ago. Going again in a few weeks! :)

Mrs. Loquacious said...

My RMT is awesome, she charges me $60/hr and yes I do go that often! :P Upkeep on the nails is about $25-30 every two weeks, I think? Not sure, but I did get Hubbs' green light to upkeep them for a little while, at least. Until the biting goes away, at any rate ;)

The nails are a treat...massage I consider to be an essential medical treatment given my back's history of pain.

You should totally invest in massages every few weeks. For all your hard work that is a good reward! And make Josh pay. I'm still peeved at him.

Cristina :) said...

LMFAO. So you keep saying!!!! Believe me....I was mad, disappointed, destroyed, saddened...and back again through the list. It has been a rough ride, but it really is better now. I know its hard to imagine or understand but we will talk soon!!! :) ***hugs*** Green light? LIKE YOU NEEDED one??? ;) I'm going for a pedi/haircut this weekend! WOOHOO! oh...and a waxing. Sucks that it takes effort to be smooooooth! ;) LOL

Natalie said...

Having a friend in massage school is the best thing ever. I highly recommend getting one. However once school is over and I have to pay him things may change.

Mrs. Loquacious said...

I have no friends who are skilled in the art of massage. I've grown close to my RMT but she still charges me $. :(