Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Back to Normal...Oh and ABC Meme (I Love Those Things)

My beautiful engagement ring and wedding band came back from the jeweler's today, and now my rings look brand spankin' new again, scuff free and shiny and sparkly. I feel much more complete now that my finger isn't adorned with a "pretender," which, for all its uniqueness, my Claddagh ring really was.

Okay, so to the meme that was inspired by MOFG's blog.

A- Available or Single? Um, neither. Off the market & married.

B- Best Friend? Hubbs.

C- Cake or Pie? Cake...moist, delicious, rich, freshly-baked cake.

D- Drink of Choice? Anything fruity, sweet, and non-alcoholic, unless of course it is a Lava Flow. Nobody makes Lava Flows like the good people of Hawaii, unfortunately.

E- Essential Item(s)? Everything I own is essential. We try to rid our home of useless junk every so often.

F- Favourite Colour? Blue.

G- Gummi bears or worms? Worms. I like that they are bigger/longer, so there's more to eat!

H- Hometown? GP, although nowadays I try to tell people it's E-town. One day I will tell them it's Vancouver ;)

I- Indulgence? L'ancome, lululemon, hour-long massages

J- January or February? Feb. It's my b-day month and V-day falls in that month too, so it's a guaranteed presents sort of month. Plus, there are no holidays in January except for New Year's, which is almost always overrrated.

K- Kids? Hubbs.

L- Life is incomplete without... hope, love, and a safe place to rest your head.

M- Marriage Date? July 9, 2005.

N- Number of Sibs? 3.

O- Oranges or apples? Whichever is sweeter. I do not discriminate between fruit, so long as it is sweet juicy fruit.

P- Phobias/Fears? Clowns. Faerie ring mushrooms. Weird bumpy-textured surfaces. Lice & gross skin rashes. Hair loss. Hair growth (I've seen women with moustaches/beards, I kid you not). Bugs.

Q- Favourite Quote? I don't have one. A funny one that's been on my brain has been, "Never go to bed mad. Stay up and fight!" :)

R- Reasons to Smile? A good joke. Someone else's smile. Being surprised by something you didn't expect. A good find at a sale. Everything. Nothing at all.

S- Season? Fall/autumn, hands down.

T- Tag Three? Wobbly Bits, Janeylynne, and Natalie. I think only Natalie will respond, though I hold out hope that the other two ladies will return to the blogosphere soon! :)

U- Unknown Fact About Me? I have a very sensitive olfactory sense. I smell things that nobody else can smell, and I am quite sensitive to certain scents (e.g. garlic B.O., certain obnoxious men's colognes, a pan heating on the stove, the air after a good rain). Sometimes these smells trigger emotions that are beyond my conscious understanding, and so I can get quite emo over a smell. Other times, the odor is so strong to me (when perhaps not so much to others) that I physically react to them by developing a migraine headache or getting nauseous.

V- Vegetarian or Oppressor of Animals? Biased question. No comment.

W- Worst habit(s)? Biting my nails & over-tweezing my eyebrows.

X- Xrays or Ultrasounds? Never had an ultrasound but the x-ray wasn't scary at all, so I'll say x-ray.

Y- Your Favourite Foods? It would be easier to ask what foods I dislike (alfalfa sprouts, cilantro, celery, pickles, beets, pomegranates, raspberries, veal, liver, peppers, blue cheese, and other gross things).

Z- Zodiac? Pisces.

Hrm. That was definitely not the most fun meme I ever did. I need to find better ones to bore you with! =P


Natalie said...

You know, I like all the foods you dislike. The meats I haven't had so I can't say. I actually did this meme on the blog back in Jan and once on myspace before that. As much as I appreciate the tag I will have to decline.

Mrs. Loquacious said...

That's a-ok, Natalie. :) I guess I forgot that you had already done this one!

Besides, my friend Catherine Jane took me up on it even though I didn't tag her, so she can be my substitute tag for you! ;)

With Love, Fat Girl said...

Hey, thanks for doing this, and the mention :)