Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Helen Needs, and Helen Wants

Thanks to my friend (a new dad!) JBerg, I was inspired to look up "Helen needs" on Google. I did the same with the phrase "Helen wants." Here are some of the cooky (abridged, in some cases) results I found:

Helen needs your immediate attention.

Helen needs to write more.

Helen needs to change her life and quickly.

Helen needs to find some soldiers that were in the 4th Infantry Division, 1/11 C Company, at Fort Carson, CO from 1979-1980.

Helen needs your money.

Helen needs to reverse back into a parking space so the motor has to rotate in the opposite direction.

Helen needs a mojito!

Helen needs to make sure none of her beloved penguins are gay.

Helen needs a cat free environment.

Helen needs the new owner at325 Crestwood Terrace to shut up a minute.

Helen needs to learn to let go and delegate.

Helen wants to ban this.

Helen wants to go on a cruise with nice people

Helen wants to know what he's got in mind.

Helen Wants to Hear From You

Helen wants to cook a potato for lunch.

Helen wants to expose everything.

Helen wants to share her storytelling ability in such a way that it brings to life the stories for the listener and touches their hearts

Helen wants him to ditch the remote.

Helen wants to know how she’s going to die.

Helen wants to get her own way and to marry for love.

Helen wants some time alone.

Crazy, eh? You can try it with your name and a verb of your choice and see what comes up. Just remember to use the parentheses to make sure you find that exact phrase on Google. Oh, and have fun. I know I did!


Ontario Emperor said...

I went to Googlism and ran the search Helen. Here's part of what I got:

helen is sellin' lake of the ozarks realty
helen is a poor role model for women
helen is really no friend of mine
helen is a single ukrainian woman
helen is sellin
helen is a dream come true for any man
helen is listed
helen is going? *nm*
helen is bloody coolio
helen is leaving us
helen is yo daddy

Mrs. Loquacious said...

Some of those are pretty interesting...makes me wonder what they are supposed to mean in context?