Sunday, March 04, 2007

Romance Alive and Well

Forgive me for bragging, but really I must. I have the best husband in the world, and this was once again proven true on my b-day.

Firstly, there were the dozen long-stem roses, delivered to the school at which I am working right now, beautiful flowers spraying their aromatic scent
s to lure the coos and awws of staffers who saw me that day.

Then, there was the delicious Indian dinner we enjoyed in romantic ambience at the New Asian Village (review on the foodie site to come). Lamb masala, butter chicken, garlic naan, and coconut rice, chased down by a creamy strawberry lassi. What more could a girl ask for?

Well, there was more. A lot more, as it turned out. Two very sweet cards (a funny one and a hilarious one), followed by the icing on the cake: my present. It's a surprise, you see. It still is a surprise, because I don't know what it is yet.

You see, my Hubbs is a romantic at heart, and creative too! For my birthday, he gave me a manila envelope containing 12 pieces of paper on which are written 12 "gifts" for me, one for each month of the upcoming year. These gifts are either material gifts or else "event/date" gifts, but I have no idea what they are, though I am assured that everything contained therein are things that I love or will enjoy. Anyway, on a Saturday of my choice each month, I get to redeem one of my gifts by drawing out a piece of paper on the Friday prior, and giving it to Hubbs (without looking at it) so that he can make the necessary arrangements for me to receive my gift. Then, on the Saturday, I get to find out about my present at 12:00 noon that day.

The one big rule about this gift, though, is that I am not allowed to guess the contents of the envelope. I cannot ask Hubbs about it, and I cannot peek. I must trust him and let myself be surprised.

Great gift, eh? I was completely blown away by his ingenuity, and by the personal nature of the gift. I also loved the idea of celebrating my birthday all year round, which in essence he has made come true.

No wonder he's a keeper! I am very blessed. And now I can enjoy growing older every month by having the experience eased by the blissfulness of being surprised with something nice.

Okay, I'm done bragging now. I'm sure you have your own brag stories too. Feel free to share those with me; I need ideas for his upcoming birthday (in June)!


The Igloo Coder said...

Well, I don't usually buy gifts for guys, but here's my best idea. Surprise him with a gift in May instead of June. Something like...oh...I dunno...maybe a week in Montreal? I hear that it will be stunning from the 14th to 17th. ;)

D'Arcy from Winnipeg said...

Man...that would be a great gift...a whole week in Montreal, and May 14 - 17 is the BEST week to be in Montreal for sure! I dont know what it is about that week...but there's just something magical in the air...


Mrs. Loquacious said...

You people make it sound as though *I* was the one preventing Hubbs from attending your sausagefest. In truth, he was the one who opted not to go. Maybe he was afraid the experience would be too much of a "gay ol' time" :P

Mrs. Loquacious said...

Or maybe he's not attending because we wanna buy a home soon, and it's frickin' expensive when you don't get to go for free! :P

Natalie said...

Best present ever. Wow. Good job is all I can say.