Monday, March 26, 2007

I Blame My Parents! ;)

My Mommy and Daddy were in town this weekend to watch the Beijing Opera put on a marathon of a show. Aside from this event, they also wanted to spend some extra quality time with their children, especially as the marrying-off of a second child draws nearer.

For my folks, food = love, right? So for them, quality time basically meant time spent eating together. In fact, the moment that they entered the city, we were invited to join them for lunch (which I politely declined so that I could spend time vacuuming dust bunnies from the corners of our home). The same evening, we were summoned to one of my sister's homes to consume an obscenely large spread of delicious, homemade, Dad-style cooking (complete with prawns in a pepper sauce, sweet and sour pork, pan fried fish fillets with snap peas, soy sauce chicken, Chinese BBQ pork, and a delicious seafood soup). After an exciting game of dominoes, the fruit trays and cinnamon sticks and poppyseed loaves came out for dessert.

The following day (yesterday), post-church, we were invited to join them for a light lunch once more (which we declined because of pre-existing plans), and then in the evening we were treated to a large Chinese banquet feast (10-course meal) at a restaurant in town.

Which brings me to today. I'm meeting up with them for dim sum this morning, a pre-parting farewell food fest to get caught up on the details of their opera night.

The point of all of this is, I blame my parents for my foodie love and my foodie waistline. They have instilled in me an appreciation for food, period, and a weird association between affection and appetite. It manifests when I pick up "treats" for Hubbs that are edible, and when I share from my entree the choicest morsels so that my man can enjoy my meal as much as I can. It also manifests when my idea of "celebrating" means going out for a good meal, and I consider rewarding myself for good deeds or a hard week by getting something sweet and tasty to eat.

It even manifests when I cook or entertain; I want to make or prepare the tastiest, largest spread possible, so that people feel appreciated and satisfied.

To love is to feed, and to be loved is to eat.

It is therefore little wonder that my waistline tends to expand more than it tends to whittle down.

Thanks a lot, Mom & Dad! =P


vien said...

Prawns in pepper sauce! If that dish is anywhere near as tasty as his BBQ pork than i would love to try some one day....