Monday, February 05, 2007

Lovers' Day, Marketing Day, Or Whatever You Call It

Yes, I know that it is technically called Valentine's Day. You might as well call it Lovers' Day, or Marketing Day, or Suckers' Day, or Pint-of-Ice-Cream Day. It's many things to many people, you know.

In my former life as a singleton, Feb. 14th was the Day of Mourning, or D-Day ("Dead Day") to me. I had no one to give me cards or flowers or chocolates or sweet kisses, and I was terribly embittered by the swarming droves of couples that mysteriously seemed to appear, kissing and hugging and doing other gag-worthy things, on that day. I was equally-disgusted with the overwhelming pink and red displays that seemed to cover every store in town. On that day, I would wear all black. In fact, one year a colleague of mine even gave me a black Valentine heart with the word, "BAH!" written in white on it. That was one of my favourite cards :)

The 14th is considered "Lovers' Day" for some, and by "some," I mean the newly-dating, newly-engaged, or newly-married couples in the world who just need an excuse to lavish their darlings with sugary sweets and pretty pink and red heart-covered angels and lingerie and stuffed animals. These are the people who end up paying tons of money to dine out
on that evening, and make careful preparations in advance just to ensure that their oh-so-romantic plans do not get way-laid.

For the stores and shops and manufacturers of the world, the 14th is Marketing Day, the day when all their little gimmicks and ads and displays theoretically pay off with big profits coming from the pockets of unsuspecting, indiscriminate (or lovesick) consumers (usually men). This is why, for these guys, the 14th is Suckers' Day.

And for present-day singletons (not that there is anything wrong with that!), the 14th is Pint-of-Ice-Cream or Pan-of-Brownies or Bottle-of-Red-Wine Day, a time to indulge and enjoy and escape the sickeningly-saccharine occasion by celebrating one's freedom with good food and/or drink.

But for Hubbs and I, this year Feb. 14th is Every Day, not at all distinct from other days of the year when he is sweet and showers me with kisses and sweet compliments and loving attention.* We will be avoiding the trap of dining out on that expensive evening, opting instead for something quiet at home. We will not be filling our home with chocolate that can tempt me and misdirect my weight-loss plans. And I will probably not wear all-black.

I find it tasteless to set aside only one heavily-marketed day a year to celebrate love and affection and significant others. Why don't people make Valentine's Day a daily affair? Seems silly to me.

So what will Feb. 14th mean to you? Choose carefully and make sure you watch your wallet!

Although I do reserve the right to receive and/or give a card and/or flowers. But these acts aren't exclusive to this occasion for us anyway.


Natalie said...

We're not doing anything particularly special either. It just seems silly when you profess your love every day to focus on a special day to do just the same thing. I guess that means the honeymoon is over (and we aren't even married)

Ridley Thunder said...

This will be my first singleton V-day in quite some time. So I don't know what to expect. It'll probably be like any other day. Maybe I'll give out roses to the girls at work.

I'm happy that you will not have that, that you have someone to share that red wine with. I hope you two have an excellent time.

janeylynne said...

That's exactly how I feel, Mrs. L. If you can't be expected to do something special for your significant other any other day, why do it just on that one day? I've always called it a "Hallmark Holiday" and my hubby and I just don't celebrate it. Every day is a special day, particularly as we don't get to see each other every day.

The Doc said...

I used to hate V-Day with the firey passion of a thousand suns. Now, I merely dislike it. I think that eventually, I'll forget all about Valentine's day and it will be a non-day. I actually almost forgot it was coming up this year. Luckily, my Peach doesn't care for it too much either, so that's awesome.

Mrs. Loquacious said...

So I guess that the commercialism of V-Day has dawned on the wise of the populace and hopefully the "holiday" will soon become a thing of the past? Let's hope so. I'm OD'ing on red right about now! =(