Monday, February 05, 2007

Jasper Bound! (Or, the Travel Bug Bit My @$$!)

So, I'm going to Jasper for the weekend. Sudden, I know. It was impromptu, with the good hotel rates courtesy of a very well-connected sister-in-law who denies she is well connected.

We're staying at the Marmot Lodge. I cannot be sure of the level of nice that it is (though probably a little less posh than the Marriott!), since I did not get very many up-to-date, successful Google returns on the place.

However, it is a getaway. One in which I am not obliged to be holed up in the hotel room working on an art project. One in which my Hubbs is not preoccupied with preparing and rehearsing and delivering his presentation.

This is a rare opportunity that I am thankful to God for providing, because in the midst of the cold and the mundane of February, it is nice to get away and relax. And celebrate an early V-day.


David said...

How was the Marmot Lodge? We'll be in Jasper in late May and are looking for a decent place to stay. Thanks, David

Mrs. Loquacious said...

It was okay. It was by no means a 4-star accommodation, and the Internet was only really accessible while sitting in their lounge, but the place was clean, affordable, and modest. :)

They also had a hot tub between the buildings (outdoors), and we frequented that place often. When it is not being used by a bunch of other people, it is a great place to go out and soak.

So yeah, decent place but that depends on why you want to stay there. For a romantic getaway, I'd choose another place. For a clean room to rest your head, the Marmot Lodge is an affordable option.