Monday, February 05, 2007

Breakfast is the Best Meal of the Day

I look forward to this meal every morning. I love the junky breakfasts (day-old pizza, leftovers scrounged from the fridge), the fattening breakfasts (maple pork sausage and crispy bacon and deep-fried cubed hash browns), and at present time, our healthy breakfasts, which happen to include berry (or apple) egg-white frittatas or egg-white french toast or Turboz cereal (it's like protein-enriched Honeycomb).

To make the French Toast (unhealthy version), click on the above image. Some other person has already posted the recipe online, saving me the trouble of retyping everything :) If you want the healthy Mrs. Loquacious version, just follow the above-linked recipe, but you'll need these ingredients instead: egg whites (1 per slice of bread), whole-sprouted-grain/gluten-free bread, Splenda, cinnamon, vanilla extract, Pam spray, sugar-free syrup, and skim milk.

To make the fruit frittatas, I generally heat up my non-stick frying pan at low-medium heat with Pam spray. While it is heating, I beat together 4 egg whites, a package of Splenda, a tiny drop of vanilla extract, 1/2 cup of instant oatmeal, and a dash of cinnamon. Then I pour my frittata batter into the pan to make a nice thick circle, and add my fruit/berries to the batter in the pan (we use dried apples or frozen berries, and I would not advise using citrus fruits or anything that is too liquidy). I cover the pan and let the egg cook (the covering prevents it from getting dry and also helps cook it, I think) for a couple of minutes. When I see that the batter has begun to bubble in the middle of the frittata, that's usually my cue to flip it over in the pan, cover, and cook for another minute or so. Done! Then the frittata is topped with sugar-free syrup (or more berries, if you wish). This is one of Hubbs' favourite breakfasts, especially since it allows him to get fibre, fruit, and protein all at the same time without having to consume a ton of fat or high-GI carbohydrates.

Anyway, I just had some french toast and it was delicious so I thought I'd wax not-so-poetic on breakfast foods. Apologies if you didn't find this post too terribly thought-provoking; my mind is on auto-pilot today, it seems!