Tuesday, January 02, 2007

..And a Crappy New Year?

Happy New Year, everyone!

I'll post about 2007 later, but for now let me say that the first 2 days of the new year have been miserable for me, thanks to the cold I seem to have acquired from staying with my in-laws over the holidays. My head feels totally stuffed up due to my over-congested nasal cavities, and my body is sore even though I haven't seen a piece of gym equipment in 2 weeks.

I've done the Advil Cold & Sinus thing (Day & Night), but drugs only reduce the symptoms; they don't cure my agony. And this set of drugs doesn't even completely reduce the symptoms, which is why tonight I resorted to looking up home remedies to use on my cold. One that I read about, prescribed wearing wet socks to bed (layered with cotton and wool socks that were dry). I didn't try that one, though I was sorely tempted to and most curious. I lacked the wool socks, you see.

Another site recommended the following, some of which I have done:

1) Know when NOT to treat the symptoms - Done.
2) Blow your nose often (and the right way) - Done.
3) Treat the stuffy nose with warm salt water.
4) Stay warm and rested. - Done.
5) Gargle.
6) Drink hot liquids. - Done. In process of having a "hot toddy," too.
7) Take a steamy shower. - Done.
8) Use a salve under your nose. - Done.
9) Apply hot and cold packs around congested sinuses.
10) Sleep with an extra pillow under your head. - Done.
11) Don't fly unless necessary. - Done.
12) Eat infection-fighting foods. - Can't (I'm pseudo-allergic to half that stuff!)

So I've done like more than 8 of those suggested things. So far, no good. I'll keep you posted on the "hot toddy" results, since I'm starting to feel a buzz from the shooter-glass of rye that I added to my chamomile tea. In that sense, I guess I'm feeling pretty darn good, right?

Any other ideas of remedies to help relieve my agony? I'm open to all suggestions, and would like to see this cold go away ASAP (preferably before Friday, when I have lunch with my benefactor for one of my scholarships).

Did I mention? I hate colds. What a crappy way to start off a kick-ass new year! =(


The Igloo Coder said...

Take that tub of salsa that was left over from New Years (if your hubby hasn't consumed it already) and a spoon and just eat. Probably best if you have a box of tissue nearby too. I find this works every time.

Natalie said...

Igloo has a good point. I generally one up the steamy shower and turn the water on as hot as possible and fill up the whole bathroom and sit in there for a long time. That often helps because you generate more steam than if you were in the shower and you don't have to stand. I also just say sleep as much as possible. My nose is strange too, maybe it's post holiday blues.

Mrs. Loquacious said...

Igloo - Hubbs has eaten most of it already, so I have to let him consume the rest as a preventative measure to getting sick. That salsa kicks ass, BTW - thanks again for it, it's making Hubbs fall in love with you all over again! ;)

Nat - I did the steamy bath thing and sat in there for over a hour yesterday. Of course, I was all sweaty and gross and my head was still feeling pressurized.

The hot toddy made me feel super warm but it didn't help that much towards a good night's rest. However, I think it helped to move my cold down from a head cold to an emerging cough. I'm not sure if I should laugh or cry =(