Thursday, December 21, 2006

My Own Week of Feasts & Celebration

Okay, I'm not Jewish, so the Week of Feasts for me is entirely different than the one that is observed by those who are Jewish.

My Week of Feasts & Celebrations consists of many days of non-stop eating and celebrating and pathetic attempts to stave off weight gain. It begins tomorrow, with Japanese food and a dinner celebration for my friend Vinn
y. Then it's a dinner feast with my parents and in-laws, then it's the Christmas Eve feast, followed by the Christmas Day feast, followed (hopefully) by a day of reprieve from gorging before I embark of phase 2 of the Week of Feasts, which, in my world, lasts more than 7 days.

Phase 2 consists of a dinner at DeLux Burger, some other dinner-type event the day before or after that, followed by an all-out-feast at the Unheardof Restaurant to celebrate New Year's Eve eve, followed by some delicious appetizers at our first-ever New Year's Eve party, followed by the annual New Year's Day Chinese food feast, and then finished off with a luncheon at the fancy schmancy Faculty Club of my alma mater.

I am guessing that weight gain is a near-inevitability, and thus my plan for the Week of Feasts & Celebrations consists of weight maintenance, small portions, and more protein than carb. Oh, and not too much booze (max: 1/day).

Sound good? Bring on the feasts; I am ready.


Natalie said...

Sounds delicious! May you make wise choices while not feeling deprived. Happy holidays! Oh and congrats on the scholarship, I am too lazy to make two comments.

Mrs. Loquacious said...

Thanks Natalie! =) The scholarships will come in handy.

In hindsight, where holiday food is concerned I did make some decent choices, and I definitely didn't feel deprived! ;) It's all good..and it all tasted good, too!