Friday, December 29, 2006

Merry Christmas!

It was definitely a merry one for us, indeed! =)

In short:
-food, glorious food (namely turkey, different types of stuffing, homemade desserts, a lot of chocolate, a lot of nuts, dim sum, and a bit of cheese too!)
-family family family! (Hubbs', mine, extended relatives from both sides, and lots of laughi
ng and chatting)
-Wii (weeeeee!!!!!! so much fun, so little time)
-presents! (Santa was good to me, and I got gifts like wine goblets, bedsheets, Vera Wang perfume, $$$, gift cards, pj's, and a bunch of other wonderful things that I had asked for)
-late bedtimes and late rising

And now we're gearing up for 2007, for resolutions to make and
keep, for more partying and celebrating, and for a year of major decisions. It's going to be great, and I'll keep ya posted! ;)

BTW - Is it just me or did the holidays come and go far too quickly?! I could stand for Christmas to last a few days more, non? The hype and wind-up to the holiday was so immense and intense that the follow-up just seems a bit like a letdown. I wish Christmas could last all month. *sigh*