Thursday, December 21, 2006

It's Not Even About the Money


I got a scholarship! Actually, in total now, I got 3. I received a $500 one a couple of months ago for an essay I wrote on Special Education, and then about a week ago I got another $500 for my GPA, and today I received news of my being the recipient of a $1000 scholarship, based on my academic performance.

This last one is especially significant not because of its monetary value, but because it is a scholarship set up in memory of a student who was killed in a school shooting a few years ago. I am honored to be blessed by the scholarship associated with this young man, who lived a godly life and now celebrates his eternity with his Maker. His family's integrity and grace in the midst of such loss and grief was touching to read about, and makes the scholarship a billion times more special to me.

So thank you to the Lang family for being an exemplary model of Christian love and forgiveness, which is an inspiration to me, and thank you for the scholarship!

In memory of Jason Lang


vien said...

awesome, very Cool Helen!

Congrats and way to go!

Justice said...

My wife is the smartest woman EVER!!

Love you,

Mrs. Loquacious said...

Thank you for your generous words! =) I'm just blessed, I think.