Friday, December 29, 2006

Merry Christmas!

It was definitely a merry one for us, indeed! =)

In short:
-food, glorious food (namely turkey, different types of stuffing, homemade desserts, a lot of chocolate, a lot of nuts, dim sum, and a bit of cheese too!)
-family family family! (Hubbs', mine, extended relatives from both sides, and lots of laughi
ng and chatting)
-Wii (weeeeee!!!!!! so much fun, so little time)
-presents! (Santa was good to me, and I got gifts like wine goblets, bedsheets, Vera Wang perfume, $$$, gift cards, pj's, and a bunch of other wonderful things that I had asked for)
-late bedtimes and late rising

And now we're gearing up for 2007, for resolutions to make and
keep, for more partying and celebrating, and for a year of major decisions. It's going to be great, and I'll keep ya posted! ;)

BTW - Is it just me or did the holidays come and go far too quickly?! I could stand for Christmas to last a few days more, non? The hype and wind-up to the holiday was so immense and intense that the follow-up just seems a bit like a letdown. I wish Christmas could last all month. *sigh*

Friday, December 22, 2006

Looting Up...Gift #1

I opened my first gift today; it was Hubbs' stocking stuffer to me, and something I specifically requested: an electronic label maker! =)

It's not high-end or anything, but it has a couple of neat font features and is absolutely perfect for my labeling needs (and as an up-and-coming educator, I will have much use for it!).

Thank you to Hubbs, my awesome thoughtful generous man!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

It's Not Even About the Money


I got a scholarship! Actually, in total now, I got 3. I received a $500 one a couple of months ago for an essay I wrote on Special Education, and then about a week ago I got another $500 for my GPA, and today I received news of my being the recipient of a $1000 scholarship, based on my academic performance.

This last one is especially significant not because of its monetary value, but because it is a scholarship set up in memory of a student who was killed in a school shooting a few years ago. I am honored to be blessed by the scholarship associated with this young man, who lived a godly life and now celebrates his eternity with his Maker. His family's integrity and grace in the midst of such loss and grief was touching to read about, and makes the scholarship a billion times more special to me.

So thank you to the Lang family for being an exemplary model of Christian love and forgiveness, which is an inspiration to me, and thank you for the scholarship!

In memory of Jason Lang

My Own Week of Feasts & Celebration

Okay, I'm not Jewish, so the Week of Feasts for me is entirely different than the one that is observed by those who are Jewish.

My Week of Feasts & Celebrations consists of many days of non-stop eating and celebrating and pathetic attempts to stave off weight gain. It begins tomorrow, with Japanese food and a dinner celebration for my friend Vinn
y. Then it's a dinner feast with my parents and in-laws, then it's the Christmas Eve feast, followed by the Christmas Day feast, followed (hopefully) by a day of reprieve from gorging before I embark of phase 2 of the Week of Feasts, which, in my world, lasts more than 7 days.

Phase 2 consists of a dinner at DeLux Burger, some other dinner-type event the day before or after that, followed by an all-out-feast at the Unheardof Restaurant to celebrate New Year's Eve eve, followed by some delicious appetizers at our first-ever New Year's Eve party, followed by the annual New Year's Day Chinese food feast, and then finished off with a luncheon at the fancy schmancy Faculty Club of my alma mater.

I am guessing that weight gain is a near-inevitability, and thus my plan for the Week of Feasts & Celebrations consists of weight maintenance, small portions, and more protein than carb. Oh, and not too much booze (max: 1/day).

Sound good? Bring on the feasts; I am ready.

Monday, December 18, 2006

My Life Is Awesome Again


I finished my exams!!!! Now, it's time to enjoy Christmas and spend quality time with my family and my Hubbs, and eat until I get fat(-ter), and listen to carols 24-7, and bake, and shop, and lounge lazily in the mornings.

My life is awesome. Don't be jealous; I'm sure yours is too.

But one of the reasons why mine is awesome is because I have incredible in-laws; they're the type I could hang out with for several evenings/days in a row and not grow weary or annoyed with, and they're fun, and they're loving, and they're just fantastic people. In fact, a few weekends ago my mom-in-law and I went on our annual shopping trip to the craft show, and then joined up with my father-in-law and Hubbs for dinner.

I have heard of others who talk about having strained relationships with their spouse's family, of fights nearly breaking out between two sets of parents who can barely stand to be in the same room as one another, and of holidays that are filled with angst and conflict and tension. I feel for those folks, and it makes me all the more glad to have the families that I have.

My folks love my in-laws, and vice versa. In fact, my grandparents love my grandparents-in-law, and vice versa too! Over the brief few days while my parents are in town, they even plan to spend an evening dining with the in-laws. It's glorious to see everyone at peace with one another. Isn't that what Christmas is all about - peace?!?

Anyway, that's only one of many awesome things about my life. I could probably do a series of blog posts on all of them, but then I would be blogging a lot. So maybe I'll just share a few here and there.

Happy holidays and enjoy your awesome life too, k?

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

If I Could Look Like Any Celebrity....

...I would want to look like Angelina Jolie. Yes, I know that technically, one might argue that she is a homewrecker and also slightly odd (the blood vial necklace, the tattoos, the kiss with her brother, Billy Bob...), but have you looked at her? She is perfectly gorgeous, so in a discussion about who I would want to look like (not BE like), there is no one but her that I would pick.

She is tall, but not towering giraffe-tall.

She is thin, but not sickly-frail looking.

She has fantastic natural (or natural-looking) breasts.

She has a full mane of beautiful, thick hair, that she doesn't even need to style to look good with.

She has great arched, full eyebrows and large round eyes that can either do a "Come hither" look or a doe-eyed innocent expression.

She has a straight nose that isn't too wide or flared at the end or bumpy in the middle.

She has full lips.

She has fantastic bone structure and killer high cheekbones.

She is a full year older than I am and looks agelessly beautiful.

And she is just as gorgeous without make-up, as she is with make-up.

Man, I'm totally envious of Angelina Jolie's beauty. I am *so* Team Jolie all the way!

Monday, December 11, 2006

Meaningless, Meaningless, Everything is Meaningless

I seem to have developed a small case of apathy, at least where school is concerned. I'm not feeling particularly moved to study, and am at that point where I just want it all to be over with.

My brother-in-law apparently used to tell my in-laws that he didn't care about his grades too much..."D for done!," he'd say. I'm starting to see his point, although I think I'm more partial to, "C for complete!"

In my previous 19 years of school (yes, it really has been that many, if you include kindergarten), I've never been much of an underachiever. I have always studied hard, poured hours over my work, actually read my textbooks (contrary to some who didn't bother creasing the spines, so that they could get better resale value out of their books), taken notes, and reviewed like a madwoman. As a result, I've often done relatively well in school, although for the most part my achievement hasn't ever been sufficient enough to garner me thousands of dollars in scholarship money.

So why do I push myself so much? At the end of the day, I am pretty sure that I will end up with the same parchment as the student who passed their Ed degree with a paltry 2.2 GPA. And that person will probably have just as much of a chance as I do to score a teaching job, plus they will have had extra time to enjoy their student life, since they won't have been studying for days on end. In essence, then, all of this cramming and studying and memorizing and synthesizing is actually quite meaningless. Besides, in my current courses, I've technically already passed.

I wish profs would lay off the exams and just give us a bunch of assignments and authentic assessment tasks instead. At least then I would feel a little more motivated; this studying is sapping the drive right out of me.

Much as my apathy is setting in, however, it's pretty hard to teach this old dog a new perspective and new tricks. I know studying, it's a familiar activity to me, so even though it's a meaningless and dissatisfying venture, I will continue doggedly to do it. So excuse me while I go back to my studying and my notes and my books.


Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Preparing for a Stuffing

I realize that for most people, the highlight of Christmas food is the turkey, or the ham, or the various baked sweets that accompany the holiday. Not me, though. The highlight of Christmas food for me is in the stuffing.

Yep, the stuffing. My dad's stuffing, my in-law's stuffing, their friend's stuffing. ANY stuffing.

I am gearing up for some good stuffing this holiday season, and as I wait in eager anticipation for it, I am starting a bit early by making myself some Stove Top. Not fancy, I realize, but it's decent, and after this, every other stuffing I consume will be even more kick-ass.

Bring on the stuffing, and bring on Christmas! I am ready! (Well, except for the presents, but that is a whole other story...)