Saturday, November 04, 2006

Winter Blahs

I fear I have a case of the winter blahs. It's only November, I realize, but since winter decided to start early this year, the accompanying winter blahs also seemed to advance sooner.

There is snow on the ground. Blah.

I can see my breath when I walk outside. Blah.

It's cold even though I am wearing gloves and a winter jacket and a hat. Blah.

The skies get dark way too soon and don't stay lit up with sun nearly long enough. Blah.

I am getting sick of school. Blah.

I am perpetually feeling run-down and sniffly. Blah.

My momentum for the gym is slowing down due to icy walkways and darkened skies. Blah.

All I feel like eating is warm brothy soupy stuff. Blah.

When I leave home, I am so bundled up I can barely bend over. Blah.

I know it is a temporary feeling, and I just need to re-frame my perspective so that I can find something to get psyched about. However, Christmas is still too far away and thus I cannot quite get in the "spirit" of that yet, so for today, I will simply wallow in my winter blahs. =P


Wobbly*Bits said...

Yeah, it takes me a little while to adjust to the winter...must be even colder up north! I do like winter fashion and bundling up with sweaters and hats and scarves though!

The Doc said...

I can understand and even empathize your blahs, Mrs. L, but for me they're also tempered by the fact that I handle the cold MUCH better than I handle the heat. Do you have a collection of awesome sweaters? Because I think that would help.

Mrs. Loquacious said...

I have a few nice sweaters, but awesome ones? Not really. And sweaters add 10 pounds, I swear! It's not my favourite type of clothing for sure.

And I don't mind temperate climates where it gets neither too hot nor too cold. That would be ideal (read: Vancouver!). Cold is better than scorching hot, but we don't get the scorcher temperatures here anyway.

I like hats, though. Hubbs really likes me in hats, for some weird reason.

Wobbly*Bits said...

Mmm, bundle me up! I love layering shirts and sweaters and coats and bulky things. Maybe I'm fat, maybe it's just the clothes - no one knows!